Gorilla Marketing Daily SEO Reports

Every morning you will receive a daily report on website rankings within the Google search engine. We use these reports to monitor the algorithm and the effects of the work that we do on your website. As part of our commitment to transparency, we share these reports with all of our clients. This video breaks down what each of the columns on the report mean and how you can interpret that data to gain insights into the activity on your website. To recap:


  1. Keyword. This is the keyword that we are tracking the position of.
  2. Change. This is the change in position since the last check was completed (normally 24 hours).
  3. Latest. The position of the website in the search engine. Position 1 to 10 is front page, 11 – 20 is page 2 etc.
  4. Best. The highest position that your website has ever ranked for that keyword.
  5. First. The position that your website was for the keyword when we started tracking.
  6. Local Volume. Approximately how many times a month a keyword is searched in the UK.
  7. Global Volume. Approximately how many times a month a keyword is searched globally.
  8. Updated. The date and time that your keyword positions were checked.
  9. URL Found. The page that was found for that keyword.


If you need anything else at all or notice anything unusual then please don’t hesitate to contact the team and we’ll be more than happy to assist.


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