The Google Venice Update 2012

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In February of 2012, Google announced that they had released 40 key algorithm updates in the previous month. One of these was the Venice update which affected local search.

Because Google aimed to give the searcher value, it was important to consider where they were when determining the best search results. This was particularly pertinent to those searching for products or services.

Previously, unless a search specified an area or locale, the search result would typically be down to the optimisation based on the search term. Now Google is able to tailor search results based on an IP address or location.

This benefitted smaller businesses that started to rank for phrases that previously had much more competition. Websites that optimised their content to include location-specific landing pages and service pages started to see significant improvements.

Modern local SEO campaigns still benefit from this, and Google My Business helps websites and businesses with local traffic and visibility.


The Main Focus of the Algorithm Update

The Venice update’s main focus was improving local searches, providing value to specific searches rather than ranking websites that are too far away from the person searching to be considered.


How to Protect Your Site Against This Algorithm Update

Having location-based landing pages, optimising content to include the areas that benefit from your service and completing your Google My Business profile help websites with local search queries.

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