Why Use An SEO Agency?

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Adopting SEO best practices is vital to just about any business website.

But, it’s not easy to implement if you don’t know what you’re doing; SEO is a convoluted game, after all.

Using an SEO agency is a vital investment for your business, allowing skilled professionals to perfectly streamline your site, so you can see the highest gains in terms of visibility, organic traffic and, ultimately, increased sales.

Our article will talk you through precisely why an SEO agency is the best call for your business and how best you can benefit from it.


What Does an SEO Agency Do?

An SEO agency will optimise your website to rank higher for specific search terms that your audience looks for on search engines.

The power of a skilled, experienced SEO should never be underestimated.

While outsourcing may seem like a daunting – not to mention expensive – prospect, it should be thought of as a direct investment into your business. And, as an added bonus, using an SEO agency is significantly cheaper than building your own in-house team to drive the mechanics of your website.

The following are just some of the benefits you can expect following a successful SEO campaign:


Grow Your Audience

Every business needs more traffic. Failing to implement an efficient SEO campaign will result in poor visibility in SERPs (search engine results pages) and a loss of targeted traffic.

It is expensive to undo the work of a poor SEO campaign before setting it right, so it is essential to do it correctly the first time.

Those who implement SEO best practices well will benefit from ranking far higher on Google and other search engines, resulting in a bigger audience filled with potential customers. Over time, this will lead to more sales and profits.


Increasing Leads and Conversions

The benefit of improving organic traffic via a good SEO campaign is that the targeted people that visit your site are led there by specific search terms.


Outrun the Competition

SEO agencies also consider what works well for your competitors. The improvements you make will help you to catch up with them on their strengths and surpass them on their weaknesses.


How Does an SEO Agency do This?

When you hire an SEO agency, they will work hard to identify and rectify any site weaknesses. But, they will also hone in on what is already working well for you and use these processes to further improve your website’s authority and overall reach.┬áHere are some of the main things an SEO agency campaign will consist of;

  • Discuss Your Needs – An SEO agency will first want to understand your business needs and goals to shape a successful SEO campaign.
  • Site Audit – Site audits assess strengths and weaknesses that need to be improved. This can be gathered by combining Google Analytics and Search Console data with insights from tools like Screaming Frog, Lightbulb and Ahrefs.
  • Identify Objectives – After understanding the business goals and auditing the site, the SEO agency can create a plan with defined objectives that can be monitored.
  • Keyword Research – Keyword research determines the search terms used for a particular field or product. This will result in low-hanging fruit that provides quick results and builds long-term knowledge-based trust with Google and your users.
  • Check for Penalties or PunishmentsSEO agencies will be aware of search engine updates to understand what they value and how they punish a site and adhere to guidelines to avoid penalties.
  • Analyse Your Backlink Profile – Analysing an existing backlink profile allows the SEO agency to search for bad links that devalue the site. If they cannot remove them, they can be disavowed by letting the search engine know they have tried, and the links should be ignored.
  • Optimise Content – Existing copy should be optimised to ensure it is query-driven and natural. Any duplicate content should be identified and removed, and descriptions and meta-titles should be added if they are not already there.
  • Optimise Site Structure – Site navigation will have a positive impact on an SEO campaign as search engine bots also have to make this journey. Other technical SEO improvements will be made at this stage.
  • Create Content – High-quality content will focus on specific search terms and keywords without seeming forced or stuffed. Optimising existing content and filling keyword gaps found during the keyword research process improves results.
  • Link Building – Adding good links from relevant and respected sources and outreach to approved external sites is beneficial.
  • Monitor and Report on Results – Monitoring and reporting on results will help ensure the SEO campaign is successful and the business is kept in the loop with everything that is happening.


How Does an SEO Agency Prevent Setbacks?

Good SEO agencies will minimise the risk of setbacks by taking preventative measures. The effect of algorithm updates can be minimised by adhering to Google’s guidelines, rules, and regulations.

Quickly diagnosing issues will also help to determine whether external factors have affected the site or whether it coincides with onsite work by web developers that might have caused the problem.


Final Thoughts

SERP rankings directly impact the organic search engine traffic your site gets. SEO companies play a massive part in developing a digital marketing strategy that improves this.

Hiring an SEO company provides access to experienced SEO experts and minimises your company’s time and resources to achieve good results.

SEO companies help businesses improve their website and search rankings to reach prospective customers.

Having worked in the SEO industry since 2017, Dave has a wealth of experience behind him. As a result of his years of experience combined with his passion for Leeds SEO, he can drive businesses and recognise opportunities that others overlook! In his spare time, David enjoys hiking and also has a passion for all things Linux based.

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