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We have to say that anyone looking for an SEO agency these days doesn’t have to look too hard. Local online searches – such as ‘SEO agency Manchester’ should bring page after page of candidates. Then there are the countless e-mails coming from the ‘Best SEO agencies across the World’, relentlessly violating your inbox with offers that you simply can’t refuse.


As every agency seems to be the best and offers the same services and guarantees, where do you start? Prices seem to vary from affordable to laughable, contracts ranging from months to years and guarantees offered from zero to number one – 100% guaranteed.


The truth – as everyone knows is that an SEO agency can work their magic and alchemy all night long but can no way guarantee page 1 number 1. The best agencies can of course significantly increase your web presence but this takes time. Local rankings – cake decorating in Oldham – yes there is a good chance of page 1 and higher, but the big meaty search terms take longer than ever now.


So what do you need to ask and see when choosing an SEO agency? (Check out other FAQ’s about SEO here)


Look at their client list for feedback and testimonials. Ask to see rankings for which the agency was wholly responsible for achieving then make a judgement yourself if you think it is a competitive search term or an easy one. Top agencies also go out of their way to become a Google partner.


You can also ask for a strategy and implementation document. What are they going to do and when? They should have no reason to hide this from you. Then also ask for realistic expectations, targets and timescales. Again, a professional, confident agency should have no issues with supplying this.


For many years SEO agencies have shrouded their work in mystery and secrecy. There should be no reason for this as SEO is not a black art, it is a science that when carried out consistently and professionally will yield results. If you would like to speak to us about handling your business’ SEO then please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to supply you with a free audit.


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