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Web design is a blend of skills, graphics, and some might say art. The technical elements of creating a website include either using WordPress type platforms (A CMS) or creating a bespoke website coded from scratch. In almost every instance the process begins with a design and style that matches the client brief, then the technical elements come in to play turning these designs into a working website.


Most people will make a judgement on the price and designs that they are shown. Probably a good starting point but there are other important questions to be asked before diving in with a deposit.


For example, simple considerations such as timescale, mobile usability, the scope of the project I.e what is included and what isn’t. Many websites evolve as they start to be built so it is important to ask about additions and amendments as the project unfolds. Then there are legalities to consider such as the copyright of the site, its design and content as well as ultimate ownership. What if the designs simply don’t meet with the clients’ approval, are there limits on re-designs?


Where will the website be hosted? Are backups taken of the website taken? And what would happen in the event of a catastrophic event such as loss of the website?


Like most business relationships, a feel-good should exist between you and your website design company. Understanding your requirements and being able to turn these into online reality quickly and efficiently is important, but so is an element of guidance and inspiration from experience. Talking about what worked with other clients and equally importantly, what didn’t work.


Choose carefully and you should be on the road to a great experience and a high-quality product. It is certainly worth taking your time. If you would like to speak to a dedicated member of our web design team then please feel free to get in touch!


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