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The million dollar question, how can you improve your website rankings. There are really a couple of options. One, you entrust yourself to the services of an SEO agency; or two, you go it alone.


Most people are so busy running their own businesses that the thought of having to learn SEO techniques is, at best, daunting. And where on earth do you start? There are a number of fundamental things that people can do on their own websites to help it to move up Google though, before jumping in with the services of an SEO agency. This will also give you a clearer understanding of what the agencies actually do each month in return for your hard earned money.


There are the technical elements and the content elements of a website that need to be addressed in order for Google to shine favourably. Some of the more fundamental elements include ensuring that your page title tags are relevant to the content. For example, why call your page about us when a far more effective page name and title tag would be – ‘About Manchester Plumbers’. Ensure that each page name and title tag are different and that they address the specific content within that page. This way will ensure that Google knows what your site is all about, rather than trying to muddle through lots of pages of text to try to gather an idea of what the website is all about. You can read more tips on local SEO here.


Google likes to see websites and blogs that are updated regularly. It stands to reason that a website that has not been updated for months may not be quite so important as a website that is updated weekly or daily even. So take a look at your content and keywords and make a few changes as and when possible. Add articles, new pages and amend what is already there. This way, Google will see that your website content is fresh and relevant. Try to insert a few links within the text to other areas of the site that are of similar interest. Readers will use these links to fast forward to read whilst Google will jump around your site indexing the pages and content.


Another small but crucial check that you can make is your website speed. There are countless tools online that can measure your site loading speed and give you a report on what is good and what is not so good. The fixes may be simple, a huge image may be taking a long time to download, for example, slowing the whole website loading time down. Or the web host may not be up to scratch, serving the website slowly. Google, as well as site visitors, do not like either of these scenarios.


Check also for mobile compatibility of your website. More people now view websites on mobiles and tablets rather than on desktop machines, and Google checks mobile compatibility and speed as a part of its ranking algorithm.


Carrying out a few of these housekeeping tasks can impact significantly on Google rankings as well as giving your site visitor a better experience. Once that you are comfortable that these have been carried out, stage two may well be a visit to a proven and reputable SEO agency to carry out some of the more delicate and detailed technical work that may be out of your hands.


A strong Google ranking can be worth a small fortune to the right website. Address the basics and see enquiries increase. We also provide a more in-depth SEO guide here.


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