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There is much written about keywords and keyword research but how do you really know which keywords to use on your website and how best to target your audience?


You may well sell goods or services from your website and have all of your products and content in place (check out our e-commerce SEO guide here). So if your rankings are settled but not where you need them to be ideally then what else can you do? After reviewing your content and descriptions is there anything else that you can add? Google likes to see content updated anyway so reviewing your current content will have definite benefits. But also try to think out of the box a little also.


If for example, you are selling showers and bathroom furniture, people will certainly search for ‘showers for sale’ or a specific brand name. But they may also search ‘how to install a pedestal sink’ or countless related questions. A simple FAQ section on your website can answer these fundamental questions as well as adding extra value for your website visitors.


Adding website content for the sake of it is often a fruitless exercise, but answering peoples questions, offering advice and help will give your website bulk as well as giving Google further ranking opportunities for more keywords.


Someone searching ‘how to change a kitchen blind’ is clearly in the advanced stages of making a purchase decision, so landing on your site and garnering all of the information that they require will put you very high on their list of possible suppliers.


So, in order to implement the above, you need to discover which search phrases people are actually using. Carry out a simple Google search –  keyword research tools – and you will find a plethora of sites that offer you this information. Some limit your searches, some are free and some offer a trial period. Type in your selected keywords and you will be presented with all of the variants and associated search phrases that people are making on a daily basis. Invaluable help when writing content and more often than not you will find some hidden gem keywords of relatively high search volume that you had not considered previously.


Using the most relevant keywords from this research on either the new pages of your website or inserted as extra paragraphs in your existing text will give Google more opportunities to allow your website to be found. Its all well and good writing page upon page as we suggested but targeting that content around relevant search terms that people are actually using are critical.


Knowledge is power, never more so than with keyword research, an essential part of any website marketing strategy.


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