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Retargeting (also often referred to as remarketing), is a method of regaining the attention of someone after they have left your website. While it often goes under the radar, retargeting is one of the most effective tools that can be utilised in a Pay per Click and/or social media campaign. It works by placing a cookie on your website supplied by Google or Facebook etc. When a visitor checks out your website, this cookie will be attributed to their Google / Facebook profile – meaning you can show them adverts at a later date.


As the cookie is placed throughout your website, we’re able to show certain adverts to people who have only visited certain pages / completed certain actions. This allows retargeting to be creatively utilized to do the following (and much more!):

  • Users who showed intent. We initially focus on visitors who have viewed many pages on your website and/or have come back to it but not completed an action. This shows a higher intent than users who may have bounced after one page and as such are more likely to convert when shown a reminder about your website.
  • Visitors who visited categories. We’re able to show specific adverts to people who looked through one category in particular but didn’t check out (i.e check out the new range of women’s shoes).
  • Abandoned online shopping carts. Users who have filled in a cart but not checked out have shown the most intent to purchase. For whatever reason they didn’t follow through, you’re able to remind them of their full cart (and even throw in a discount code!).
  • Previous customers. As the saying goes, there is no business like repeat business. You’re able to keep previous customers in the loop on your latest products or company news.
  • Lookalike audiences. Using the behaviour and interests of your current customers, we are able to create a ‘lookalike audience’ who we can target with introductory offers and promotions.


If you would like to speak to an expert about setting up and managing your retargeting campaign then please feel welcome to call our Premier Partner team on 0161 850 3963 or send us an email at

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