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Content Marketing Manchester

A successful search marketing campaign is built on a foundation of quality, information and unique content. Content marketing is a strategic process that involves the creation and sharing of the content that doesn’t directly promote a brand’s product or service but instead stimulates interest and consideration by providing relevant, valuable or engaging information. Content can include videos, blog pages, infographics, social media post, surveys, studies and more, and is a widely used marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of Content Marketing?

A successful content marketing campaign can result in increased sales and a more engaged audience. A great piece of informative and relevant content can receive huge social media exposure through shares, retweets and so on, on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Many businesses are now in the process of creating and sharing videos online now too.

High-quality content is also a great way to attract links from other websites and online news publications, which also have a direct impact on your business website’s ranking position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Publishing content on external blogs websites is a great way to get exposure for your brand and earn backlinks to your website, which in turn, directly impacts your performance in search.

FAQ About Content Marketing Manchester

Well-optimised long-form content often gets preferential treatment in the search results, as it is often more in-depth. Despite the length or form of the content, it is vital that above all it is informative and comprehensive, as Google’s search algorithms are now incredibly sophisticated and able to recognise quality and topical relevance.

This also allows for more opportunities for content writers to include more keyword placements and variations. The content favoured most by Google’s RankBrain algorithm includes conversational and humanised language so the best way to optimise is often to write naturally and not try to overdo it on the keywords.

Over the years, effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies have relied more and more on the production and circulation of in-depth, high-quality content. While the benefits of this from a brand awareness and consideration perspective are clear, the implications of how the circulation and coverage of your content affects your rankings in the organic search results may not be apparent.

There are three primary ways that high-quality content can impact your organic search rankings:

Keyword Optimisation: Filling your website with high-quality, informative content is a great way to fit in a range of relevant keywords, allowing Google to recognise the topical relevance between the phrases people most commonly use in the search engines, and the copy and content found on your website.

Engagement: Visitors who land on your website are likely to engage with quality content, spending a longer amount of time reading and browsing the page, often clicking-through to other pages around the site. As far as the search algorithms are concerned, this is an indication of quality, and can directly impact your rankings in the search results.

Backlinks: Circulating and promoting your content around the web is a great way to garner coverage and backlinks to your website. We could spend hours discussing the value of links from high value, topically relevant domains, but in a nutshell, these have a huge bearing on your organic search performance, and can be earned and leveraged by the creation and promotion of great content.

Content marketing is perfect for pretty much every kind of conceivable business that wants to increase their online presence. Whether you’re a local tradesperson, an online e-commerce store, a specialist B2B supplier or even a local brick and mortar business, you have something to say, and an audience to talk to.

Using knowledge of your audience, industry, product, service, local area, we can produce a plethora of content to attract and engage visitors and potential customers directly to your site, bolstering and boosting your rankings in the organic search results along the way! Simply put, if you’re looking to increase your online visibility and revenue generated through your website or digital marketing efforts, content marketing is absolutely right for you!


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