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As a Manchester-based digital marketing agency, Gorilla engages in an active and competitive industry as it is shared with many city-centre digital marketing companies and Freelance SEO consultants. However, we successfully compete as an agency and maintain our own growing success with both local SEO and national clients. We have a skilled and experienced team of technical SEOs, content marketers and web developers, all of whom are specialists in their field and collaborate on each client’s campaign to deliver the best possible results.

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Freelance SEO vs Agency

There are many freelancers and SEO agencies in Manchester offering their services, with varying levels of expertise and skill. When you use the services of a freelance SEO consultant, you are benefitting from their knowledge and past experience. It may be that they are responsible for your entire SEO campaign or they may are supporting your current team. It is similar for digital agencies, except they consist of a team rather than an individual and are more likely to specialise in a number of services. Gorilla Marketing hope to bridge that gap, and offer a highly specialised team service at prices that aren’t too different than what a freelancer might quote you at.

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    Digital Marketing Agency or Freelance SEO?

    A well-established and data-driven digital marketing agency should have a highly skilled team of SEO technicians, content writers, link-building experts, and campaign managers. This allows them to work with a number of clients and carry out flexible campaigns that are customised to each business they assist. You can benefit greatly from outsourcing your SEO to an agency as the team are able to apply their combined knowledge of digital marketing.

    An experienced freelance SEO expert will also offer their skills and insight however as an individual they may not be able to offer the same level of dedication in terms of time on a certain service as they work alone. In Manchester, there are some excellent, experienced freelancers offering a range of SEO and other related services although some freelancers could be considered as a ‘Jack of all trades’ in their approach. When it comes down to working with any SEO provider, digital agency or freelance, it all depends on their knowledge and ability to manage your campaign.  

    It is often thought that freelancers often come in cheaper due to lower overheads and outgoings, however when you consider the number of digital experts a client would have working on their account at the same time when hiring an agency, the additional value becomes clear. For example, a freelancer may work on a day-rate of £300, and an agency £500, but when you consider that when working with an agency, several people collaborate on each clients’ account as part of that day rate, the amount of work done per day would be exponentially higher.

    As mentioned previously, it all comes down to skills and experience when choosing to work with an SEO provider. One potential advantage of working with a digital marketing agency is their ability to manage large workloads simply because they work as a team. As a digital marketing agency, we are able to offer a number of services in association with SEO such as PPC, content writing and website design and development. SEO freelance consultants may only be able to implement certain services depending on their knowledge. 

    Accessibility is often an advantage to working with a freelance SEO expert as they are likely to work with fewer clients and therefore be easy to contact regarding any questions or issues that arise throughout the campaign. However, a well organised and experienced Digital Marketing Agency should also prove easy to contact as communication and transparency is key for a successful working relationship and successful SEO campaign.

    Deciding on a Freelance SEO Expert?

    Whether you are a local business owner or part of a national or even international company, SEO is of great importance and so your decision to work with a provider should be well-considered. It is not possible to say whether freelance consultants or digital marketing agencies are more effective in terms of results.

    The main factors to consider when choosing who to work with are knowledge, experience, skills, and ability. Whoever you choose should be able to actively follow through their marketing strategies from the planning stages to receiving results. The best SEO experts are data-driven and committed to achieving success for your business.

    Why Choose Gorilla Marketing Manchester?

    Gorilla is an award-winning digital marketing agency based in Manchester. We have a Google Partner status and offer a range of digital marketing and SEO services including online campaigns and on-page optimisation. We also specialise in content writing, PPC campaigns and bespoke website design.

    Our team of committed specialists are data-driven and offer measurable results. If you choose to use our services, we have dedicated campaign managers who can track and report the progress of your business website and ranking position etc.

    We have worked with hundreds of clients from local business owners to household names with over 250+ branches. If you’re interested in any of the services Gorilla Marketing offer, you can give us a call on 0161 850 3963 for a friendly chat to find out what we could do for you and your business.