The Google May 2020 Update

The Google May 2020 Update


As the name of the update suggests, this Google core algorithm was rolled out in May 2020. Initial observations showed that this update is rewarding websites with high E-A-T signals (Expertise-Authority-Trust).


Why did Google create the update?

The Founder of Searchmetrics, Marcus Tober has done a comprehensive analysis of the update, and rounded it off with this quote:

“Google has again adjusted based on weighting of content, brand factors and user data. The update seems to be somewhat broader than previous Core Updates and less focused on E-A-T topics.”


The May 2020 Algorithm

Unlike the January 2020 update, the May core update was universal in its niche selection – everything from e-commerce, local businesses and blogs had wild fluctuations and major changes to the front page. One very noticeable aspect was the increase in video content that appears in the search results now – further pushing down the organic results, especially on mobile devices. This has prompted Gorilla to finally cave into the ever-encroaching requirement to move more into the PPC vertical to ensure our clients have the best visability and conversions with their SEM budget.


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