Gorilla Marketing has the pleasure of working on the SEO for one of the biggest injury law firms in the UK. The client had previously worked with some of the top SEO agencies in the UK, but with limited success. As such, they had come to Gorilla Marketing looking for a fresh, no-nonsense approach to generating more personal injury leads and cases.

The project was initially proposed to the client as being done in ‘phases’ in order to establish trust in our capabilities and immediately start generating ROI on the project. The first phase was then to take advantage of a keyword group that was already ranking on the front page (position 6-12) which could immediately be optimized to increase the number of qualified leads coming in. The deal was to get this done ethically within 3 months, and after which if targets were hit they would be able to get backing from the board to allow Gorilla Marketing full control of all online acquisition. We’re proud to say that after working with Gorilla Marketing for 6 months so far we’ve seen their web-based leads go up by an incredible amount:

We can also see below the SEMrush data that shows organic traffic increased over 35% between March & August:

Our goal going forward now is to help establish our client as one of the most prevalent personal injury solicitors online, dominating the search results for all major injury related keywords. At the time of writing, we are currently developing a new website and have just started running a PPC campaign. This case study will be updated in Feb 2018 to show the outcomes of the project.