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SEO Consultant Manchester

Our expert Manchester-based SEO consultancy service is perfect for anyone looking to guide or overhaul their SEO strategy. Whether you have an in-house team of staff working on your website and content, or simply require information on how to optimise your start-up website to give it the best possible chance of ranking in the search results, we can conduct the research and testing required to deliver an effective SEO strategy and roadmap.

Our SEO services have been used effectively by a wide range of businesses in the UK and abroad. We’ve helped small local businesses with only a few members of staff, to international brands with hundreds of employees, rank on Google – and we can help you as well.

Why Do I Need SEO?

According to Forbes magazine, roughly 92% of all website traffic makes it no further into Google’s search results than the first page. This leaves a measly 8% of traffic for all other search results located on Google’s other pages. As a result, if you’re not on Google’s coveted front page, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be effectively maximizing your website’s potential traffic – this will ultimately mean a reduction in the revenue you’re able generate online.

It should therefore be a priority for any business that has an online presence, to make sure that their website is well optimised for search engines. If you aren’t utilizing SEO on your website, there’s a strong chance you are missing out on an enormous number of potential conversions. Accordingly, it becomes practical to not see SEO as an expense, but instead as an informed investment in the future success of your business in the online world.

FAQ About SEO Consultant Manchester

Our SEO consultancy services are incredibly flexible, so we can work under whichever terms best-suit our clients’ needs. Typically, our clients use our consultancy services as a way to guide and manage their in-house web and content teams, ensuring they get the best possible return on their investment when building out and optimising their website. This would include us conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s website, as well as an analysis of each of their key competitors’ websites.

With the information collected during our website audit and competitor analysis, we’re then able to craft a bespoke strategy for our clients. This bespoke strategy addresses all potential technical issues with the website which could be affecting SEO performance, as well as a roadmap which outlines how to match and surpass competitors in the organic rankings, both locally and nationally depending on your requirements.

We can also work on a consultancy retainer, offering ongoing support and campaign management/analysis, steering your SEO activity in the right direction while your in-house website and content staff handle some of the more laborious tasks – this is ideal for those looking to keep their costs to a minimum.

We often find that our SEO consultancy services are ideal for clients in the UK and abroad who have an in-house web development, and content team, who simply need a bespoke SEO blueprint or strategy to follow.

We’ve found that medium to large sized companies that have these in-house teams, can often become somewhat complacent and accustomed to doing things a certain way. This is all well and good when your in-house team is producing positive results, but what happens when your results start to plateau or even plummet? We all know that Digital Marketing and SEO is an industry that’s constantly evolving and adapting, so becoming static in your strategy and knowledge is a sure-fire way to fall down the ranking pages.

If you’ve begun to see your websites position in the search rankings either stagnate or fall, or if you feel that your position in the rankings is affecting your company’s bottom line, then Gorilla Marketing’s SEO Consultancy Service can help you to jump start your website’s search result rankings.

There’s plenty of SEO consultants out there, but none of them offer a service quite like Gorilla Marketing’s. We endeavour to be at the forefront of our industry, clued-in and up-to-date on the latest in SEO best practice and strategy. Our team have almost two decades worth of experience in the industry. We’ve worked alongside multi-national name-brand clients and have successfully boosted their search result rankings in highly competitive industries - helping them rank on the front page of Google for high-value keywords.

We promise to deliver an SEO consultancy service unlike any other currently available, bringing decades of experience to fully bear on your online ambitions. We stay informed on the latest SEO news, such as: the latest updates to Google’s algorithm, the most recent thinking in on-page optimisation as well as the most current advice regarding link building. With this information we are more than well equipped to provide your business with a blue-print for SEO success.

Gorilla Marketing works on a quote by quote basis when it comes to our SEO Consultancy Service. Our pricing depends on the size of your company’s website, and the extent to which you want to employ our services. For a free quote and website audit don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Our Manchester based team will be able to quickly identify what we can to do help you, and will be happy to discuss with you our recommended course of action.

Depending on the size of your site, and the scalability of your campaign, it can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to have your website fully search engine optimised. This is also dependent on your website’s objective, for example, if you’re running an e-commerce website there is a lot of product information and content to ensure is properly optimised.

It can typically take anywhere between 3 to 12 months to start ranking on Google’s front page for highly competitive key words and search terms. If you are in a highly competitive industry then this will likely be on the upper bracket and closer to 12 months. For example, is your main competition Amazon, or is it a local business? These are questions that we will look to answer in your free SEO audit. Alternatively, you can read our other SEO FAQ here.


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