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E-Commerce Guide

Our e-commerce SEO guide will go through an outline of what is required to improve the organic search results of an e-commerce store in the search results.

Local SEO Guide

The Gorilla local business SEO guide will outline the methods and strategies used to improve the organic and map pack listings of a local business website in the SERP's.

National SEO Guide

For larger / national businesses, the strategy involved is completely different to that of an e-commerce or local business. This guide will break down what can be done to improve a website in the national index.

Backlinks Guide

The Gorilla Marketing backlinks guide will outline a few of the most common white-hat strategies we use at our agency to get backlinks for our clients websites.

Keyword & Competitor Research Guide

This guide will explain how we do keyword and subsequent competitor analysis when developing our search engine optimisation strategies.

On-Page SEO Guide

On-page SEO is a science all in itself - and plenty can be done to a website to improve the organic positioning in the search results. This guide will break it all down

SEO Resources & Courses

A list of Gorilla Marketing recommended resources and SEO courses for both the novice and advanced SEO alike.

SEO Jobs Manchester

Looking for a job as an SEO in Manchester? Why not apply to work at Gorilla Marketing - one of the top SEO agencies in Manchester.