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Tell us about your job role at Gorilla 

My role is the Head of Social Media & PR. I take care of social media strategies and come up with clever PR campaigns to get our clients coverage and links. 


How did you get into the industry? 

I completed my degree in Media & Communications in 2013. Since then, I’ve worked in a number of digital agencies around Manchester picking up experience in a vast range of sectors, for both B2B and D2C clients.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

I love anything creative, so I’m at my best when I’m thinking of new angles, ideas and interesting ways in which I can execute them.


What do you like to do outside of work? 

Again, anything creative keeps me going. Whether that’s dabbling with a paint brush and clay, cooking, baking, watching films and listening to music. I also spend a lot of time telling off my very mischievous kitten, Olive Oil. 


Tell us the most interesting fact you know

The term ‘mortician’ was invented as part of a PR campaign by the funeral industry, which felt it was more customer-friendly than ‘undertaker’. The term was chosen after a call for ideas in Embalmer’s Monthly magazine.


What’s your favourite film / TV show?

I can’t pick one, so here’s a few. So sue me. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Peep Show, Alan Partridge, Ghost World, The Life Aquatic and Matilda.


What are your favourite tunes?


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? 

Mountains and lakes are my jam, so I’d love to visit Canada soon. I also love cold Scandianavian countries like Norway and Iceland. 


What’s on the menu for your last meal on death row?

A bucket of KFC skin, hold the chicken. 


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