The Florida 2 Update

The Florida 2 Update


The Google Florida 2 Update is officially named the March 2019 Core Update by Google and is said to be a large and important broad core algorithm update.

The Florida Update back in the 2000s was crucial and comparisons were made with the new broad core algorithm changes as both updates coincided with the Pubcon Florida conference.


Why did Google create the Update?

A core update is a change to the main search algorithm itself rather than the introduction of a new, named update that has a specific purpose to address certain issues Google has been experiencing.

A broad core update like this March 2019 Core Update would mean that Google is not targeting anything in particular unlike Fred updates or the Penguin update. Instead, it is an improvement to the overall algorithm in order to better understand the relationship between search queries and web-pages and in turn improve the user experience.


The Florida 2 Algorithm

As explained, the broad core updates don’t target any aspect and aren’t introduced with the aim to fix anything. It is likely the update is a number of changes to what ranking factors hold weight and importance that have been decided through a process of machine learning. The advice to webmasters is to continue to focus on creating great content, user intent, clean site architecture and building organic links.

Feedback to the Florida 2 update, or rather the March 2019 Core Update, has been generally positive, with many in the SEO community drawing comparisons to previous updates with some even claiming it to be a rollback. Data based on UK websites shows that 75% of websites that improved their ranking in this Google Update were sites that lost their ranking position as a consequence of previous updates in 2018.

It is likely that the March 2019 Core Update is not a rollback but was introduced with the intention to improve how sites are rank and a result of this is that some sites have experienced a positive impact.

Arguably, it is too early to speak on the impact of the update although some webmasters have confirmed connections between the update, links and their ranking position. According to SEMrush, the most affected categories so far are Autos & Vehicles, Health, and Pets & Animals. However, it seems for many their sites are recovering from previous algorithms such as Penguin and are now regaining lost traffic.

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