Mobilegeddon Update 2

Mobilegeddon Update 2


I have just completed my first month with Gorilla, as Digital Marketing Executive. I’m very new to the marketing industry so it’s definitely been a challenge to absorb as much information as possible. It’s been an awesome learning opportunity, and I’m on my way to becoming a better marketer. I’ve been delving into all sorts, including SEO, marketing strategies and creating boss content. If   this is some of the stuff I’ve learned in my first four weeks, I’m eager for the next four.


Hashtags are now my friends

Before working in this role I thought hashtags were a bit of a gimmick and they weren’t that important…how wrong I was. After my first couple of weeks, I soon realised how powerful hashtags in a social media strategy can be. They help categorize content and make it discoverable to your preferred audience.

I discovered that you can’t just put in random hashtags, or use a few of the most popular ones on the site such as #love or #instagood. They will attract the wrong audience for you, and if it’s a popular hashtag your content will be buried quickly. Hashtag research is an extraordinary thing, and I have been utilising Ingramer to discover what will be appropriate for specific content. I’ve also been utilising the Instagram search bar, and letting the autofill suggest some tags

Before Gorilla, I used to choose the ones that had millions of mentions and were the most popular. Now I realise that it’s more about making sure they are on brand and fit your audience’s interests. They still need to be popular, just not over-popular; I have been focusing on hashtags from around 10k to 500k.

I have learned that spying on your competitors and similar accounts to your own is a very useful strategy. You can see what hashtags they are using, and get some inspiration for your own posts. I’d say it’s not wise to copy straight from other accounts, as you’d need to adjust them to match your brand.


Managing tasks is a piece of cake

Managing various clients and content hasn’t been something I was familiar with before Gorilla. In my previous role, I looked after one brand and their social content and strategies. It was a bit daunting coming into a role where I had to learn multiple brand guidelines, but it was definitely worth it. I came in on my first day armed with diaries and to-do lists, but ultimately needed something a little more efficient. Me and the other lovely people in the social media department decided to create a workspace on Infinity, where we could organise projects easier and see what everyone else is up to. This definitely made managing clients and workloads a lot easier, and was great for communication.

To add to this, I created calendars for each month of the year with key national days that are relevant to our clients. I’m going to make them my desktop background each month so I can see all of the upcoming events, and can plan my content around them. It was a simple idea, but has really helped me come up with content ideas, as well as remembering to schedule posts ahead of time instead of coming up with something on the day.


We made a podcast!

 The world of podcasting was brand new to me. I never even used to listen to them, and now not only am I hooked, but I’ve been learning all about how to make them from scratch and why they’re so amazing! We already had the appropriate equipment and software to record, it was just planning the perfect content, and finding a good base for our RSS feed. Then we just needed to get it uploaded on all the popular streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Podcasts are amazing to include in a content strategy because they have relatively low competition. There’s only a handful of podcasts like yours and they can have thousands of listeners who are looking to listen to a similar niche. They’re also getting super popular with millions of people tuning in each week, so now was the perfect time for the Apeshit Podcast to air. I’m really excited to see where the podcast will go as it’s only a few weeks old, but I’m expecting great things. I may be biased, but it’s definitely worth checking out, you can listen to the Podcast here.


Brand guidelines will make your life easier

Making a brand pack or guidelines for your client is just life changing. It saves so much time, and ensures that you have consistent content and a clear understanding of the brand. These guidelines include everything from a colour palette and typeface to content templates and audience demographics. Creating brand guidelines has really helped me understand our clients more, as well as their goals and values for their social media platforms. We used Canva to create the packs and can easily share them with members of the team. This means we’ll all have consistent content and know who their audience demographic is.

With a clear understanding of the brand, we know what the key message to get across is, and their audience will remember the brand. Doing this research will ensure that we get it right the first time, because everyone has a clear understanding of who the brand are, which will have a greater influence on the audience.


They really know their stuff

It’s been so refreshing coming to work in a company full of experts who are willing to let me pick their brain every day. Gorilla is home to some amazing people, who have many years of experience in the digital marketing industry; with everything from SEO, web design, PPC and social media.  Everyone knows what they’re doing, and keeps up to date with the latest trends and strategies online. They know exactly what it takes to rank your site on Google, and are always striving to provide the best services, and be in the know.

I came into this job excited and ready to learn, and it’s so great to be really pushed and encouraged to develop. I’m motivated to speak up and ask questions about things I want to learn about, or tasks I’d like to shadow. It’s definitely been the perfect environment to learn in, and I’m only going to keep pushing myself further. It’s so rewarding to work for a team who genuinely care about their work and the business.


In Summary

After my first month I can safely say I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve honestly had a great time. I’m excited to see what will happen in my second month, and how I can continue to push myself. We’ve got a few exciting projects lined up, so keep an eye out on our socials.

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