Amusing SEO Things

Amusing SEO Things


Being a Manchester SEO expert can sometimes be very tedious and mentally draining. I’m sure many others in the industry can attest to that too, although there are some funny (in a proper SEO dork kinda way) stories that have popped up over the years that do make it all interesting:



Nothing like a century-old rivalry being thrown into the SEO game, some cheeky United fan / SEO had this show up when you type ‘Gobshites’ into Google Maps:

anfield google


I think both the United & Manchester City fans in the office are happy to buy you a pint for that one, Anonymous United SEO!



The victims include Tony Blair and George Bush if that’s any consolation, but this outdated practise is probably most known for the search phrase “Find Chuck Norris” in which the website shows up. You can read more Google bombs here.


Find Chuck Norris



My personal #1 on the list, and around the same time I was being a low-life ‘black-hat SEO’ in the PPI industry – an anonymous SEO legend trolled Google in a way that will probably never be rivalled. Not even 5 days after the Google Payday Loans Update in 2013, a website called popped up on the front page on for the term ‘Payday Loans’. For those who aren’t aware, Matt Cutts was the head of the Google webspam team at the time and had announced the crackdown on ‘black-hat tactics’. I love Matt and all, but if whoever did this ever reads this posts – I owe you a beer and you need to tell me how you did it!


Matt Cutts PayDay Loan



In February 2014 Matt Cutts announced a new (and subsequently retired) tool that allowed webmasters to report if any scraped content was outranking the original in Google:



In steps Danny:



There have been numerous other instances of Googlebombing in the past – but these are by far my favourite. Leave a comment below on which you think are the best!

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