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Ape Sh*t Podcast | Episode 3

  Our MD Danny is back again to give you his magical life advice on detecting bullsh*t from digital marketing agencies. Remember to share with all your friends so they can become bullsh*t detecting experts, just like Danny.
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The coming core web vitals update

The Coming Google CWV Update

  Brace for impact! The Google Core Web Vitals update is coming soon! The update will focus heavily on user page experience – utilising the Core Web Vitals from Page Speed Insights to ascertain if a web page has passed their very strict tests. The toughest part of this update is that your site has […]
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Ape Sh*t Podcast | Episode 1

Our MD, Danny, has a chinwag with himself – talking everything an SEO agency owner would want to say – only less funny. Give it a share as well would you? Ta.
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50 Ways to get more clients

50 Ways to Get More Clients & Customers

  No matter the industry, the key focus in business is to trade or provide a service whether you are a sole trader working locally or a director at a company that deals internationally. However, if customers aren’t purchasing your products or hiring your services then you may be in trouble, despite the quality of […]
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How To Hide Your Backlinks

Hide Your Backlinks From Competitors

  I got an email from an SEO expert yesterday. Not that it is a particularly noteworthy bit of news; but I got called out on one of the naughtier SEO tricks I did to rank the Gorilla Marketing website. I’m not condoning the practice of ‘black hat SEO’ at all – but there were one […]
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Amusing SEO Things

Amusing Happenings in the History of SEO

  Being a Manchester SEO expert can sometimes be very tedious and mentally draining. I’m sure many others in the industry can attest to that too, although there are some funny (in a proper SEO dork kinda way) stories that have popped up over the years that do make it all interesting:   THE GOBSH*TES DOWN THE M62 […]
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What is Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation

What is Black Hat Search Engine Optimisation?

  Black hat SEO is the term given to techniques that try to fool search engines into ranking websites higher. As Google’s algorithm developed over time, becoming ever more complex and intelligent, black hat techniques that worked many years ago were gradually found out and penalised (read more about Google updates here). Black hat SEO […]
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