SEO Manchester Case Study 3
SEO Manchester Case Study 3


  • 261 legitimate enquiries generated in Q3 of 2020
  • 90 legitimate legal enquiries generated in just 1 month
  • 897% increase in website traffic.
  • 73% saving on cost per acquisition of new legal cases
  • #1 rankings for high-value target keywords.
  • Campaign maintained momentum and profitability during the coronavirus pandemic, in a highly competitive niche.

Result: Our client is benefiting from a considerable boost in online visibility with our complete search engine marketing package, which included positioning the client at the top of the organic search results for relevant, high value search terms (for which they are now positioned #1) and launching / managing a targeted ‘PPC’ advertising campaign via Google AdWords & Bing Ads. 

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The client is a specialist in all types of accident and injury claims, with a subsidiary brand focused specifically on representing cyclists injured on the road.

The first phase of the project was to overhaul the website of their cycling brand, making it more appealing to their target market and more user-friendly in the eyes of the search engines.

The second phase was to take over management of their search engine marketing campaigns (a combined SEO & PPC service) to make them more cost effective and scale to new levels of visibility.  


The client wanted a sleek new website that had a “cycling magazine” feel, utilising crisp imagery and a easy-to-navigate layout while maintaining a focus on their primary calls-to-action (e.g. the ‘start your claim’ or ‘request a free call back’ buttons).

The result was a contemporary and user-friendly website that maintains great onsite conversion rates and makes the best use of the relevant visitors and traffic that enters the site: 

The new website developed by Gorilla Marketing, made to look similar to a cycling magazine.


To create an ‘omnipresence’ within the search results, we launched a combined SEO & PPC campaign for our client, providing them with instant visibility and traffic via Pay-Per-Click advertising while rankings for their organic keywords were naturally scaled to the top of the first page of search results. 

Pay Per Click Campaign

Within the first two months of taking over the PPC campaign, we were able to reduce their cost per acquisition (in this case, the cost of a confirmed new open legal case) by a massive 78%!

That means the client now receives 3 legal cases for the same amount they were previously spending to secure just 1 legal case.

The backbone of a successful PPC campaign in a highly competitive niche is the ability to consistently show up for relevant search terms. Cost per clicks range from £5, all the way up to £40. With that comes an inherent risk of overspending or blowing your budget too early in the day. We realized this quickly and were able to come up with a strategy that ensured our client was appearing in front of the right people at the right time, on the right devices.

From there, we have continued to conduct daily reviews of the campaign and budget performance, adjusting the campaign as needed to maintain and even further improve performance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

To ensure our client was also obtaining a large portion of their traffic from the organic search results (which for all intents and purposes is “free traffic”!) we brainstormed and executed an in-depth SEO campaign for our client.

This included an initial phase of technical website optimisation and usability improvement, a second phase of website content improvement and development, and a later phase of content marketing and digital PR, which served to secure online coverage for the brand and ultimately strengthen the domain.

While SEO progress is steadier and more gradual than that of PPC, the incremental and compounding progress we saw in our client’s organic search rankings ultimately resulted in #1 rankings for their highest-value keywords: 

Here we can clearly see the substantial growth our client saw once our new SEO strategy began to take effect and the results began to compound:

Traffic stats

Search console year on year increase in organic traffic.


So, there we have an overview of how we completely transformed our client’s business with a combination of SEO-friendly web design and a combined search engine marketing package including SEO & PPC Management.

We maintain these fantastic results for our client and have enjoyed a fruitful and positive relationship with them ever since!

It is our mission to help businesses thrive, even during the coronavirus pandemic, by overhauling their digital strategy and considerably improving their online visibility so they can take advantage of the HUGE amount of relevant search that is happening every day.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your needs, simply drop us an email on, or click here to submit your details for a free bespoke SEO video audit today!

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