Guerilla Email Marketing

Guerilla Email Marketing


When you think of Guerrilla marketing, it’s easy to think of the common examples; companies using surprise and ingenuity to create showstopping stunts that involve taking over entire streets or hiring expensive teams.

However, the tactics that form Guerrilla marketing strategies can be applied to a variety of different parts of your business.

One area where surprise and imagination work well is in email marketing. Emails need to capture the attention and keep it, which is where Guerilla tactics can help.

With attention spans as short as 8 seconds, it has never been more important that your business makes an impact when it’s sending out emails.

Whether it’s a newsletter or an update, you can use Guerrilla marketing techniques in your email marketing strategy, as we explore in this article.


Understand The Principals Of Guerrilla Marketing

Before you start using the principals of Guerilla Marketing in your email strategy, you need to understand them. Sounds obvious, but if you only know that it’s an approach that reloves around big stunts, then you’ll miss a lot of the other principals.

While big stunts play a key part in Guerrilla Marketing, there’s more to it than that. Guerrilla Marketing revolves around the element of surprise. It aims to make a big impression quickly, and that’s why many of the popular examples of Guerrilla Marketing are grandiose stunts.

However, there are many other ways that you can use Guerrilla Marketing to surprise your audience. For example, you could shock them with a provocative image, or a really personalised piece of content.

Research the various Guerrilla Marketing tactics used by other companies, and immerse yourself in articles on the topic. Once you understand the principals, then you can start to apply them to your email marketing strategy.


Test Various Approaches

Like any new technique, when you’ve decided how to integrate Guerrilla Marketing into your email marketing strategy, you need to test out various approaches.

If you test out different techniques and evaluate them regularly, then you can ensure that you use the most effective tactics.

Many businesses that use emails as part of their business operations adjust their processes regularly, so that they’re always creating fresh email content that entices readers.

For example, if you hire a link building company, such as this one, they will use email outreach in their processes to find suitable websites for clients.

Link builders like this will often change their approach regularly and explore new techniques, to ensure that their agency grabs the attention of busy webmasters who get hundreds of emails every day from similar link building agencies.

If testing different approach and being flexible with email content works well for them, then it can work for your business too.

Try split testing your emails, using different subject lines with the same content, or vice versa. By comparing results, you’ll be able to learn what approach works and which doesn’t appeal to correspondents.


Use Your Imagination

Guerrilla Marketing is all about surprising consumers and showing them that your company offers something different.

In a world full of other businesses doing exactly the same thing, you need to stand out. That means ignoring those ‘Top X Email Email Content Examples’ lists and coming up with your own ideas.

Get creative and brainstorm some ideas that are unique and witty. Not every idea will be a winner, but if you test them out as suggested above, then you can see which ideas work and which ones aren’t suitable.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Offending

Guerrilla Marketing is often garish and risqué, and that’s what makes it such an effective strategy for many businesses.

So, when you’re considering how to surprise your email correspondents and potential leads, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries.

Some marketers might be scared of using swear words or touching on sensitive subjects, but as long as it’s not openly offensive, you shouldn’t be afraid.

While you might upset the very officious, most of the people you email will be caught off guard, and so you’ll get their attention.

Also, even if you do offend someone, you’ve got their attention, and they’re likely to respond to vent their feelings. After all, it’s the angry ones that are always the most vocal!

So, you can leverage this to show your customer service skills and convert them from a lead into a client.

Just remember; Guerrilla Marketing is meant to surprise, so feel free to break from convention. Try approaches that haven’t been done before, to make your emails really stand out and increase your open rates.


Focus On The Subject Line

While the content of your email is essential, the subject line is the first part that your reader is going to see.

The subject, as well as the first line of the email, give them the chance to decide whether to open your email or discard it without reading it.

So, when you’re thinking about surprising your readers and grabbing their attention, focus your ideas on the subject line.

If you try introducing an incredible email with a boring, uninformative or unimaginative subject line, your email won’t get opened by many of the leads that receive it.

Instead, try to match the level of ingenuity in your email to the subject line. Go overboard; be outlandish, and catch your reader off guard from the start.



Ultimately, Guerrilla marketing tactics are the ideal way to make an impact. In the age where inboxes are full, and readers are increasingly bombarded with junk they don’t care about, you need to make sure that you’re grabbing your readers from the moment they spot your email.

That’s where Guerrilla Marketing tactics can help. By integrating them into your email marketing strategy, you can boost your engagement, generate more leads and achieve your targets.

As with any new strategy, incorporating Guerrilla Marketing tactics into your email marketing plan requires trial and error, as well as research.

Using this guide, you can start to try out new ways to engage email readers by incorporating the principals of this innovative marketing strategy.

Best of luck!

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