National SEO Guide

National SEO Guide


In this basic guide, we will outline the steps you need to take to run an effective national SEO campaign. There are similarities in the way to strategise national SEO campaigns, but with local business, we would aim to rank them well within the area they operate by using specific geographical keywords. However, campaigning on a national level is likely to require more resources in order to compete with other well-established brands for profitable keywords. For example, an e-commerce store would require a national SEO campaign whereas a Manchester-based plumber would need to focus on local SEO in order to compete effectively in the area.

We have experience of running SEO campaigns for national businesses including household brands and businesses with over 250+ branches. In this guide, we’ll explain the factors and necessary processes we undertake when carrying out a national SEO campaign from start to success:

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Design & Structure
  • Establishing the Brand
  • Content
  • Interlinking & Backlinking


Website Design and Structure

Website design is an integral part of a national SEO campaign. The way in which your website has been designed and structured is a factor for ranking highly on search engines. At Gorilla, our team of SEO specialists and web developers work to create websites that look and perform great as this is the foundation of any successful national campaign. Search engine ‘crawlers’ move through websites via links to assess whether a website is technically well-built and is relevant enough to be indexed, which simply means it will appear on search results pages (SERPs). The more appealing a website is to Google and other search engines, the higher it will rank and the more visible it will be for potential visitors.


Establishing your Brand

We understand the importance a website has in terms of representing your brand image and values so we strive to identify keywords that align your brand with the search queries of consumers. Our team also uses a range of processes to analyse competitors, who also operate nationally, and work closely with you to establish what your business has to offer consumers and what sets you apart in the industry. In our experience, a focus on branding as a foundation for a national SEO campaign will result in higher click-through rates as consumers are likely to recognise a well-known brand which should then cause an increase in the conversion rate and revenue.


Your Website Content

It is crucial that the content on a website for a national business needs to have depth and relevance to the industry and your potential customers. At Gorilla Marketing, we undertake thorough keyword research in order to create a foundation for content, we then use those keywords to optimise a page and create content strategies. From a national SEO perspective, this allows Google to associate your website with the industry and the more interesting and original content posted on your website pages or as blog posts should determine your site as trusted due to its expertise.


Interlinking & Backlinking

Our specialist team have decades of combined experience in the Manchester SEO and digital marketing industry and have worked with many companies who operate on a national level. These strategies involve creating internal and external links to and from business websites in order to build a strong website with a high authority rating within the industry. This is achieved organically through clever interlinking between pages and external links to high authority websites. For many, backlink building, the process of achieving inbound links to your site, is considered the most important skill in SEO and is achieved through engaging with trustworthy third-party websites and creating great content.

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