SEO Manchester Case Study 5
SEO Manchester Case Study 5


  • 3475 self-storage enquiries in 91 days
  • 1,555 self-storage enquiries in 1 month
  • 54% reduction in PPC cost per acquisition
  • 389% increase in PPC leads
  • 165% increase in organic traffic

Result: Our client is benefiting from a considerable boost in leads, sales and online visibility at each of their physical self-storage facilities spanning key cities and towns across the north of England.

The client has navigated the 2020 covid-19 lockdown by maintaining and scaling visibility in each of the key locations they operated in with targeted SEO and PPC campaigns from Gorilla Marketing. 


The client is an established self-storage brand with 8 facilities (and counting!) across the North of England. They wanted to considerably improve their visibility in the organic search results, and address overspending in their PPC activity – both areas were previously looked after by another digital marketing agency but unfortunately results were underwhelming for the monthly fee the agency was charging.

The first phase of the project was to run an in-depth diagnostic of all paid advertising, identify areas of the PPC campaign that were underperforming or wasteful, and re-build the campaign in a way that allowed for granular and efficient campaign management. 

The second phase was to transform the SEO activity around each of their local self-storage facilities, including technical website optimisation, a review & optimisation of all Google My Business properties, onsite content optimisation and development, and offsite optimisation including link acquisition and digital PR activity.  

Pay Per Click Campaign

With an initial re-build of the entire PPC campaign and ongoing management and improvements to the campaign, we were able to reduce the PPC cost per acquisition by a whopping 54% – more than doubling the number of new customers the client received with no increase in AdWords / Bing Ads spend.  

We then revised all ad copy, improving click-through rates and sending more engaged traffic to the website. Finally, we consulted on creating dedicated PPC landing pages, allowing us to deliver a concise and attractive landing page to PPC traffic, resulting in much better onsite conversion rates across the board.

Once the campaign was as efficient as possible, we scaled the campaign considerably across each local target area surrounding the client’s self-storage facilities. 

From there, we have continued to conduct daily reviews of the campaign and budget performance, adjusting the campaign as needed to maintain and even further improve performance during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

To ensure our client was also obtaining a large portion of their traffic from the organic search results (which for all intents and purposes is “free traffic”!) we brainstormed and executed an in-depth multi-location SEO campaign for our client. 

Here we can see the substantial increase in organic traffic the client received last quarter (during the height of the covid-19 lockdown!) compared against the same 3-month period in 2018 before we started work for the client.

This included an initial phase of technical website optimisation and usability improvement. Next, a second phase of website content improvement and development around each of the local ‘branch’ pages on their website. Finally, we executed a later phase of content marketing and digital PR, which served to secure online coverage for the brand and ultimately strengthen the domain. 

While SEO progress is steadier and more gradual than that of PPC, the incremental and compounding progress we saw in our client’s organic search rankings ultimately resulted in top-spot rankings in local ‘map pack’ results in their focus service areas, as well as top-spot rankings in the regular organic results too. 


So, there we have an overview of how we completely transformed our client’s business with a combined search engine marketing package including SEO & PPC Management. 

We maintain these fantastic results for our client and have enjoyed a fruitful and positive relationship with them ever since!

It is our mission to help businesses thrive, even during the coronavirus pandemic, by overhauling their digital strategy and considerably improving their online visibility so they can take advantage of the HUGE amount of relevant search that is happening every day.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss your needs, simply drop us an email on, or click here to submit your details for a free bespoke SEO video audit today!

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