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Facebook Ads Management Manchester

We provide an expert targeted Facebook Ads Management service that is has proven incredibly profitable for both our own agency and our many clients time and time again.

From advertising local businesses in their surrounding areas to helping online e-commerce stores achieve a huge increase in sales, our Facebook Ads social media campaigns are engaging and targeted specifically at Facebook and Instagram users who are most-likely to click-through and convert.

FAQ About Facebook Ads

As you may know, Facebook uses its users’ interests, location, relationship status, family status and countless more criteria to build an accurate picture of each individual profile. Using the Facebook Ad Manager interface, we can split those users into 'buckets', split by interest, location, job title and so-on, and therefore segment users who are well-suited to a client in a particular industry, or a store which sells a particular product.

For example, a gym in the centre of Manchester who is looking to increase new memberships by running a special '20% off' offer would be able to target their ad specifically to people in and around the Manchester area who have an interest in health, fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding, CrossFit and or weight-loss. You can also target people by 'activity', meaning we can create a segment specifically targeting users who are already members of gyms but may be looking for a cheaper deal, or a more modern venue (all of which can be highlighted in the ad).

Simply put, by identifying the audiences who are most likely to become a customer, and creating ads which are likely to attract and engage those users, we can create a targeted campaign which wastes NO budget on putting your brand in front of irrelevant prospects.

You may be wondering how we continue to provide value to our customers after a well-performing ads campaign is set up, and that's a great question.

We focus on continually improving our campaigns by conducting a series of in-depth analysis, reviews and A/B split testing to incrementally find the 'perfect ad'. This can include testing different kinds of imagery, offers, headlines, local areas, user interests & activities and much more, all of which help make the best possible use of our clients' budgets, and delivering the best 'bang' for their buck!

We also help produce and promote seasonal offers for many of our customers which can help generate a huge number of new clients, customers, clicks and conversions across a huge range of industries. From gyms seeing a huge increase in January membership registrations to local restaurants taking a huge increase in reservations, our seasonal campaigns are flexible and aimed directly at users who are most likely to convert. For companies who operate mainly in the B2B sector, check out our LinkedIn Ads management service.


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