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LinkedIn Advertisement Management

LinkedIn has become a household name across the country, with many employers now making a profile on the social media platform a pre-requisite to employment. The social media platform itself has over 560 million active users on the site, which is roughly 8 times the size of the United Kingdom’s population; any marketing professional could tell you that 560 million is a large audience to potentially advertise to, but the problem is how to reach these possible customers effectively. Without the proper management and understanding of how social media advertising works, you may likely be spending excessive amounts of money advertising to people who have no interest in purchasing your product or service.

Although LinkedIn does have an advertisement targeting system in place to help their clients reach the audience they want to target, managing any social media advertising campaigns is often like taking on another job in and of itself. To be successful, social media advertising campaigns need to be constantly monitored, response rates thoroughly analysed and any conversion funnels fully optimized – all on a daily basis. Many people, especially small and local business owners, don’t have the time or resources spare to manage such a commitment, but in this day and age, an effective social media advertisement campaign is almost a necessity if you don’t want to be missing out on potential business opportunities. That’s why Gorilla Marketing are now offering a LinkedIn Advertisement Management service – a service designed to take the stress out of managing a social media advertisement campaign, all whilst still returning fantastic results and business opportunities.

LinkedIn Advertisement Management FAQ

Gorilla Marketing is a Web Design and Digital Marketing agency based out of Manchester in the North West of the United Kingdom. The Team at Gorilla Marketing have almost two decades worth of experience in the industry, we have worked with national name-brand clients, building and managing their social media advertising campaigns to help them find and attract exciting new customers. Gorilla Marketing are excited to be able to now bring these years of experience to bear on your company’s own social media advertisement campaigns.

Let’s break-down more specifically what you’ll receive when signing up to Gorilla Marketing’s LinkedIn Advertisement Management Service:


Expert Advice & Guidance – Gorilla Marketing are first and foremost a Digital Marketing Agency with an enormous amount of experience managing the social media advertisement campaigns of some of the largest brands in the United Kingdom. Having access to a team with so much hands-on experience will help your adverts become both unmissable and highly clickable.


Expert Techniques & Management – By deploying our highly skilled team of data-analysts, we will refine your social media advertisement campaign to identify what is, and what is not, working for you and your business. One way we will do this is by running splits tests on possible advertisement avenues, this will enable us to discover the best way of reaching potential business opportunities you may be missing out on. Importantly, by refining your advertisements we will cut the metaphorical fat from your campaign – which, ideally, will save you money in the long run. What’s the point sending out a bunch of adverts to people who have no need or interest in the product or service you are selling?


Access to a Team of Experienced Designers – As previously mentioned, the Gorilla Marketing team have a vast swathe of experience working with national name-brand clients. We have designed social media advertisement campaigns from the ground up for these companies, producing adverts that are aesthetically appealing and most importantly highly engaging. These same designers will work tirelessly on your social media advertisement campaign in order to ensure your adverts are eye catching and interesting.

Gorilla Marketing employ a number of Digital Marketing Experts who have extensive experience in data-analysis. By tracking your social media advertising campaign using a number of specifically designed computer programs, we will be able to compile the demographic of the advert’s main audience/audiences. This information will allow us to identify the effectiveness of certain adverts among certain demographics, in turn letting us adapt and develop our social media advertising campaign on the fly. This will enable us to make sure you advert is only every being seen by the right people at the right time – saving you a large amount of money from wasted adverts.

Most clients want to hear that we will increase their sales, and this is something we achieve for the vast majority of our clients. With that being said, it’s hard to promise to any prospective client as there are many factors at play when someone considers purchasing a product. However, what we can promise is an increase in website traffic through your social media advertisements, and we will be able to back this up with hard figures. If your product or service is something people want to buy, we will be able to definitively increase the audience of your product through targeted social media advertisements, therefore generating a massive opportunity for your business to increase its sales.

In regards to how long it takes to see results from social media advertisements, this will vary from business to business. Factors that may affect how long it takes to see results include things such as: campaign budget, product, targeted demographic and social media advertisement strategy.

Due to variable factors such as the scale and size of the social media advertisement campaign, the size of your company and the products or services you are selling, Gorilla Marketing work on a quote-buy-quote basis for our LinkedIn Advertisement Management Service. With that being said we offer free quotes for Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, as well as SEO website audits, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us – we’ll be excited to see how we can help your business grow!


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