Social Media

With almost half of the world’s population now having access to social media platforms, establishing a robust social presence is a vital component of any digital marketing campaign. However, the time and focus required to maintain a consistently relevant and engaging social media feed can be tricky, especially when there are so many other areas of your business to run. This is where Gorilla Marketing comes in. 

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Social Management

At Gorilla Marketing, we offer an expert Social Media Management service, producing targeted and exciting content that aligns with your brand and target audience perfectly.

To demonstrate what sets our social media management from the rest, we provide a free audit on your social profiles and audience engagement. In this audit we will analyse your competitors, audience engagement and opportunities. Fill in the form and we’ll send it through as soon as possible.

Free Social Audit

    Creating A Winning Strategy

    Our social media management service begins with an in-depth audit of your current and past social media timeline, and those of your leading competitors too. This allows us to identify any prior successes or content categories that saw a measurable uplift in engagement and interest. During the setup phase, we also zero-in on your social media objectives, identifying the audiences you’re looking to improve consideration and engagement with, as well as a plan on how to increase your number of followers within those audiences.

    To ensure you receive the best possible results from your social campaign, we focus your social media strategy only in the areas we genuinely believe you’ll receive the highest return. That means we’re not in a rush to suggest you create a presence on every social media platform under the sun, because it’s very likely that your demographics hang out on 1-3 primary social media platforms. This culminates in a steady feed of engaging content posted across the most relevant social media platforms in your industry, specifically targeted towards those you’re looking to build a rapport with, a winning combination!

    Creating A Persona

    Have you ever noticed that the most engaging branded social media profiles are the ones who take the time to build an engaging and likeable persona? When it comes to social media, people love to connect with brands that feel ‘real’ and produce content that appeals directly to their interests and preferences. That’s why we build a strong personality profile of which ‘tones’ your audiences respond best to on the internet and allow it to shape the kind of language and tonality best-suited to your social media profile.

    How We Create Engaging Social Media Content

    We don’t post for the sake of posting. In essence, our social media strategies are built on the back of ongoing research for every client, exploring exactly what forms of content receive the best uptake and engagement in your industry, as well as any trending topics or stories that are relevant to your brand and audience.

    We keep a close eye on digital media outlets every day, watching for trending news, topics, people and events and working reactive posts into your social feed should something highly relevant occur.

    We scour social bookmarking websites and forums too, which is a fantastic way to find out what your target audiences are discussing and asking about in their hidden online communities, allowing us to create corresponding content that meets them directly ‘where they’re at’!

    This will enable us to plan a forward-thinking social media calendar for each client, planning topics, posts, graphics and video content weeks in advance, all while setting aside additional time for ‘short-notice’ posts too.

    Your Social Media Dashboard

    When designing and creating your social media content each month, we insert the posts into an easy-to-manage online scheduling system each month. The system not only makes it super-simple to see all content scheduled for the month ahead from a top-down perspective, but it also allows you as the client to manually approve or add feedback to each post as you see fit.

    Within the interface, you get the final say on every post before it is distributed to your audience. There’s a simple ‘comments’ section beside every post that you can use to add feedback points, questions and comments, and we can respond and update posts in-line. This makes the entire feedback process unbelievable quick and straightforward and ensures every post that we create on your behalf is to your liking before they are distributed.

    We’d love to discuss your social media coverage and answer any questions you may have account our social media management services. Feel free to drop us a line any time on 0161 850 3963 or arrange a date and time to pop into our Manchester office!