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Google is passionate about problem-solving and answering peoples questions. Google is determined to provide users with the most relevant information relating to their search and to get to this information as quickly as possible. A  big part of SEO is to supply content that answers peoples search queries and solves their problems most efficiently.


Blogs historically were pieces of original content posted under a domain name giving information and regular updates. Business, fashion, lifestyle, you name it. Answering questions and supplying quality information. However, blogs, as with everything online are now developing into a far more advanced form of delivery of news and information. People are now using pictures, video, infographics and more to create a far more interactive experience for the blog follower.


The fundamental idea of a blog is to build a following of website users or potential customers that are interested in your product and service. Passing on hints and tips as well as added value information via a blog can be a source of high-quality information for your followers, or on some occasions a source of entertainment. Filling your blog with rich content and a variety of media will attract more followers and give good linking opportunities to your blog and website from potentially high-quality websites that want to share your information – all good in Google’s eyes.


Blogs often have a real ‘community feel’ – somewhere people go to get updates on topics of interest, dieting, holidaying or simply to be updated with news and peoples lifestyles. Attracting an audience of followers can become a powerful tool for getting key messages and facts across to high volumes of interested and relevant blog followers.


Consistent, quality blogging will build your status as an authority in your field and attract respect, simultaneously building engagement with your followers. Blogs can contain calls to action, links back to relevant areas of your website for example with interactivity, enquiry forms or downloads.


Getting traffic to your blog is the key to success, but simply setting up a WordPress blog and posting a couple of items in the expectation of the whole world following is doomed to end in failure. Some tips include offering newsworthy content that will add value to the lives of the readers. As you write your blog posts consider carefully the impact that they may have on your reader. Will they be compelled to read the full blog post and start to follow you? Only if you are offering something of value to them. Difficult sometimes, but worth the effort. Try to write blogs that are not time-stamped, i.e. posts that will still be interesting in months and years to come. Current affairs news is short lived in interest.


You may have intentions of monetising your blog at some stage – there are many full-time celebrity bloggers that exist today, but best to start modestly and begin posting on your blog. Introductions, about you and your company, then expand into offering free, valuable information and you will soon start to attract a following. And most importantly, enjoy the experience, it can be fun.



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