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Mildly technical terms for the novice but certainly not areas to shy away from. Anchor text, title tags and meta descriptions are relatively straightforward to implement and can have a massive impact on your website rankings and click-through rates.



Title Tags

Firstly your website page title tags. This is pretty much the first thing that a search engine will see as it starts its crawl through your website. It gives a flavour of what the site is about, the first indication of what is to follow. Many years ago people used words such as about us and contact us as title tags – partly through ignorance and partly uneducated, lazy web developers. But most people now recognise the importance of the title tag. Without this being considered correctly the chances of your site being ranked well diminish significantly.


A London Estate Agent website homepage may well have the following title tag – London Estate Agent | Properties For Sale | John Greens. This tells Google that your site is primarily a London Estate Agent, you have properties for sale and the company is John Greens. An internal page, specific to certain properties may well read – Islington Houses For Sale and Rent | John Greens. This gives a different ranking opportunity and importantly does not compete with the original page. So Google is not confused by a crossover of titles and can rank each page individually.


Needless to say, page content will be relevant to the Title Tag suggestion, so the second page above will talk about Islington houses for sale and to rent. Carry this out throughout the website and you will have countless opportunities for different keyword rankings.


Meta Descriptions

The Meta Description is the text written into the head content of a website. Not visible on the web page, this is the summary text that shows after Google displays its results. This is a strong call to action and should be considered carefully as it is often this description that decides whether someone will click through to the website. Continuing the estate agent analogy, an ideal Meta Description would be – John Greens, London estate Agent,  properties available for sale or to rent in and around London, browse our houses now.


Anchor Text

Anchor text is keyword text within the content of web pages that link directly to a page that related to the anchor text. For example, writing in a page about Islington properties for sale, good anchor text linking could be – view our Mayfair properties for sale, where the words  Mayfair properties for sale link directly to a page about – wait for it – Mayfair properties for sale. This helps tell a search engine where you are sending them and what that page is about. Click Here give search engines no clues as to what is to come and does not help to build a bigger picture of the website.


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