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The best way to describe CPanel is to imagine it as the system administrator for pretty much everything about your website and server. It will manage certain aspects of your domain, your emails, as well as a file manager where your WordPress website is stored and viewed by the world.

You will be able to log in to CPanel by going to When you signed to our hosting package you will have received your login details by email. Alternatively, you are able to see them on your hosting dashboard.


So, when you’re on the back end, the first thing we are going to look at is the file manager. If we click on it, we will see a few different folders – the most important one is public_HTML. If you are just starting out you will see that this is just filled with a file just called index. You will see also this file if you type your new domain in your browser.

A quick tip, if your domain hasn’t propagated yet – meaning you get an error when trying to view it in your browser – try waiting a few hours for your ISP to cache your website.

So, going forward, this public HTML folder is where your website will be saved. We won’t have to be in here much, just at the beginning though so don’t worry if it all looks a little chaotic.

Then, if we go back to the CPanel main dashboard, the next thing to look at is our emails. You will be able to set up email addresses for your domain in this area and be able to access your emails be either using Outlook or going to

We also have access to our domain here, where we will be able to change any DNS records if the need ever arises, as well as create subdomains on our website. You are also able to install an HTTPS SSL Certificate, which we cover further here.

Lastly, you will also see that your databases can be created and accessed through this dashboard. You won’t need to do anything in there unless you choose to set WordPress up manually, but they are there if you ever need them.

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