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Local businesses have been under constant pressure for over one hundred years; at first, it was the large department stores, then it was the gigantic supermarkets and now it’s large online retailers. For as long as most people can remember, local businesses, and small business in general, have always had to adapt to survive, let alone thrive. However, what if I told you that the latest changes in the retail industry provided an exciting opportunity for small and local businesses to thrive, never mind survive.


That’s exactly what Gorilla Marketing, a Manchester based Web Design Agency, is offering small and local businesses. Although we at Gorilla Marketing have traditionally made our name consulting with, and managing the accounts of, some of the largest national name-brands in the country – we are, and always have been, a small local business and we don’t want to lose touch with our roots. That’s why, since our conception, we’ve had the ambition of being able to provide an incredibly high standard of Web Design and Digital Marketing to small and local businesses, businesses based around Manchester, the North West and the UK.


Regardless of the product or service your business is providing, if you don’t have a website or a strong online presence, you are potentially missing out on an enormous number of sales. According to Statista, the online statistics portal, over 52% of all global search traffic came from mobile phones in 2018. This should be particularly worrying if you run a local or regional service such as: Plumbing, Contracting, Hair Dressing or Electrical Services. Just think, how many times have you been out in the last few years and quickly run a google search on your phone for a nearby restaurant, cinema, hair dresser or mechanic? How many times have you looked at the Google Map that appears under your search, choosing to use the services of one of the nearest businesses with the highest rating? If this scenario is familiar, then you already know that local businesses or services that don’t have an effective web presence are likely missing out on many potential clients.


That’s why we at Gorilla Marketing are offering your small or local business an amazing opportunity to begin picking up these potential clients. As mentioned briefly, Gorilla Marketing have long had the intention of bringing affordable and high-quality Web Design and Digital Marketing Services to small and local businesses. All of our websites are tailor-made for their purpose, they are secure, responsive and importantly affordable.

FAQ About Local Business Web Design

What's Included?

  • A Website - First and foremost, you will receive a fully functioning, highly engaging and professionally produced WordPress website (Not to be confused with WordPress.com). This website will be tailormade for you and your intended purposes. Check out our portfolio to see a wide range of the types of websites we can produce for you and your local business. All of these websites are built with Search Engine Optimization in mind and so are lightning fast and quick to load. They are also designed and developed with mobile functionality in mind, meaning your business will no longer be losing out on local search results.


  • Website Management - On top of this we will be happy to manage the site for you from our own servers, or even help you to transfer your new website to a server of your choice. Our LiteSpeed servers are both automatically and manually backed up every 6 hours to ensure your website and intellectual content is protected.


  • Outstanding Customer Service & No Hidden Fees - All work is undertaken from Gorilla Marketing’s Manchester offices; our in-house team of talented professionals have almost two decades worth of experience in Web Design and Digital Marketing, and are more than happy to help guide you through the process. What many people find when working with other agencies who are as competitively priced as Gorilla Marketing, is that they have often outsourced much of the work overseas. This language and distance barrier can often create latency between suggested changes and their implementations. In many cases you may end up stuck in call centre queues, trying to speak to someone who barely has a solid grasp of the English language – this isn’t ideal and often negatively impacts your experience as a customer. On top of this, other agencies often charge for changes and amendments to a website. If ever you want to make a change or amendment to the website, all you have to do is drop us an email or give us a call and we will make the changes as soon as possible, we won’t charge you.


  • Security - All of our websites are built to be Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or Https. Https is used by website browsers to ensure that communication between computers is secured. Https on your site ensures the security of your data, as well as the data of those visiting. On top of this, Gorilla Marketing’s LiteSpeed servers utilize the latest anti-virus technology – but just to be triply safe, we also back up all the data hosted on our servers every 6 hours.


  • Email - We are also able to handle your businesses email requirements and can create custom email addresses that are specifically linked to your business and its staff. We are able to provide as many of these email addresses as your business or staffing requires.

How Long Will Gorilla Take To Build My Website?

Gorilla Marketing are renowned for their exceptional speed and work ethic. We work tirelessly to ensure the results we promise and accept only the highest standards. From first contact we aim to have your Local Business Website up and running within 3 weeks. Although we work exceptionally quickly, we are diligent workers, ensuring that we maintain our reputation for producing some of the highest quality Local Business Web Design available in Manchester and the North-West. If you elect to have an e-commerce website built, the process normally takes 5 weeks.

How Can You Be Certain I Will Get Traffic?

The Gorilla Marketing team has almost 7 decades worth of experience working in Web Design and Digital Marketing. We have a wealth of experience managing incredibly large national and name-brand clients, and in doing so understand how to compete for Google Rankings in a multitude of varied industries. We are considered leading industry experts when it comes to Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, often being many industries first choice for SEO consultancy around Manchester and the surrounding North West. We know what works and will apply this knowledge to your website, this will help your website rank increasingly higher in the Google Search Results.

I Already Have A Website, Can You Move the Content?

Yes, it’s entirely possible for us to move the content from your old website onto your new one. Many of our clients choose to do this, as it saves them an enormous amount of time when it comes to re-uploading content that was originally on their previous website. If this is something you are concerned about, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to walk you through the process.