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Introduction to cPanel

The best way to describe CPanel is to imagine it as the system administrator for pretty much everything about your website and server. It will manage certain aspects of your domain, your emails, as well as a file manager where your WordPress website is stored and viewed by the world.

Installing an HTTPS Certificate

An HTTPS certificate means that your website is secure between server and browser – no third party is able to see any requests or information sent between the user and the website.

How to Install WordPress

WordPress is a content management system – which allows you to make changes to and manage your website without having to know much code. It has a local developer community around the world, with both plugins and themes for WordPress giving you a wide range of customization options.

Setting Up WordPress

After you have installed WordPress it will need a few small tweaks to set up. The video on the left will explain everything in the back-end and some advice on setting it up and getting it ready for a theme.

How To Change A WordPress Theme

A theme is the CSS and HTML (among other bits) that control the look and feel of your website. These often work in conjunction with plugins (which give your site its functionality).