What’s Better, Google or Social Media?

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Both Social media and Google can produce some incredible results.


Natural rankings on Page 1 Google are becoming harder to achieve than ever. The rewards of a popular search term being ranked page 1 can be incredible, but the effort and skill required to get to this level have to be considered – especially if your website is fairly new. There is a very quick way to get on Page 1 of Google – which is by running an AdWords campaign. Research your keywords and set a daily budget and there you are within a matter of minutes.


If the responses & sales justify the costs of running your campaign then this is an ideal solution. It can be expensive both learning what works and running these campaigns also, so ROI has to be closely watched.


Peoples perception of Social Media is that it is free. To use yes, but the investment in time posting messages, products etc has a real cost. Knowing where to start with Social Media can be an issue. Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter, Plaxo, Flickr, OUCH. Then of course, when you post a facebook message for example – who is reading it? Your friends and family? How do you reach potential new customers? There is a huge difference between activity and effectiveness on Social Media and so much precious time can be wasted just happily uploading images and comments that will remain invisible forever from your desired audience.


The investment in time to move Social Media beyond a leisure activity to a business tool can be huge. The sheer reach of Facebook, for example, is staggering and immediate. Simply running a small ad for as little as £20 can give you an immediate audience of thousands of targeted people (Check out our Facebook Ads Cheatsheet here).


Linkedin offers a huge amount of potentially high-quality business contacts and a network can be quickly established. Instagram can get your innovative products in front of people immediately and the countless other Social Media platforms all offer niche and general opportunities.


So perhaps the answer is to explore which avenues bring you the biggest return most quickly. It is virtually impossible to address all areas of activity on the internet, but 2 or 3 well chosen and well-serviced areas such as Google SEO combined with a couple of high profile Social Media platforms should, if carried out professionally and consistently, generate you long-lasting results.


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