John Carey

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Meet John Carey

John has 10 years experience in SEO & PPC, traditionally working with clients in B2C sectors. His creative approach to search marketing has also had him shortlisted for SEO campaign of the year in 2021. John enjoys watching Liverpool and going to festivals.

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About John Carey

I’m an SEO Manager, essentially. So that means I’ll advise on SEO strategies, carry out audits and generally send abusive messages to Google employees at least once a day. I also do a lot of the practical SEO work, so that’s technical search engine optimisation, cleaning up site structures, writing and optimising content, building links, helping with developing topical authority and so forth.

It’s a really varied role, which is great. No two days are the same, which helps to keep everything fresh. Whether I’m working on wildly different clients, or different aspects of the same campaign, it’s important than I’m able to switch my focus regularly. I also help out with the PPC when Dave needs.


How did you get into the industry?

I was one of the morons who studied English Language at uni before everyone realised they were worthless degrees. I was great at writing – not to brag too much – and I was already working as a freelance writer for websites when I was at uni. After that, I got a full-time job as an SEO content writer, got a Masters, then gave up writing forever to focus on the technical side of SEO.

Now I put my Innovative & Experimental Literature MA to great use by optimising JavaScript and html.


What’s your favourite part of your job?

I get an almost perverse amount of satisfaction out of seeing sites rank, particularly in really competitive industries. I like to gamify SEO, and really get a huge endorphin kick when a strategy starts to take off.

The people aren’t too bad either, apart from that Gemma. Can’t be trusted.


What do you like to do outside of work?

I go to a lot of gigs, wildly swinging between head-banging and pretending to be able to understand the meaning behind Schumann’s Chiarina. I read a lot, do a little writing, potter around in the garden and seem to be endlessly ripping up ivy because my neighbours can’t be bothered dealing with it themselves. I also have an unhealthy interest in typewriters, vinyl and all that other hipster stuff.


Tell us the most interesting fact you know

In 1790, during the French Revolution, the Marquis de Favras was served his death sentence for “plotting against the people of France”. When he got the written warrant he read it quietly before, infamously, responding “I see that you’ve made three spelling mistakes”.

Alternatively; angels aren’t supposed to look anything like we think in popular culture. Angels were initially described as being made of interlocking rings, covered with eyes. It’s no wonder almost every angelic appearance in the Old Testament starts with the angel going “Don’t be afraid. No, really, please don’t be afraid. Stop screaming. No, don’t cry. Look, dude, just chill out.”


What’s your favourite film / tv show?

Hardly an exciting watch, but Paterson is probably one of my favourite films of all time. Inside Llewyn Davis is probably up there too… Maybe I just love Adam Driver more than is healthy. TV show, it’s got to be BoJack Horseman. Who doesn’t love holding back tears while a cartoon horse makes terrible life choices?


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Probably back to bed.


What’s on the menu for your last meal on death row?

I’d like to give the Brazilian Maniçoba a try. Apparently it takes 7 days to cook, or it kills you? And I can fit a whole lot of living in 7 days. If they cook it wrong, and it kills me, than at least my loved ones have grounds to sue.

Failing that, a packet of McCoys Salt & Malt Vinegar crisps, a nice glass of Macallan Gold with a couple of ice cubes and three Marlboro Reds.