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Gorilla Marketing is a Google partnered SEO Manchester Agency with a passion for delivering exceptional results. Our strategies are content-led, measurable and sustainable. Our reputation as the best SEO Manchester has to offer means that our organic search campaigns are tailored to businesses in all sectors and of all sizes.


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    Manchester SEO Agency

    Search Engine Optimisation is the core service that we offer at Gorilla Marketing. Our approach is ever-changing to align with current best practices, as well as unique to every client to adapt to their business requirements.

    If you’re looking to increase your inbound business opportunities and sales through search, our experienced team of SEO specialists will be happy to provide you with a free website audit and answer any questions that you may have.

    Why Choose A Manchester SEO Company?

    Manchester is undoubtedly one of Europe’s critical hubs for SEO. The city is home to many of the UK’s most creative individuals, attracting talented professionals & consultants from all over the world to take part in the many exciting and innovative campaigns that happen every day, many of which occur under the roof of Gorilla Marketing! The massive talent pool available covers all aspects of technical SEO, content marketing and copywriting. As such, Manchester has a wealth of exceptional SEO agencies and freelance professionals to choose from – and that’s a community we’re proud to be a part of.

    No matter where you are in the world, working with an SEO company in Manchester should be no more difficult than if you were in the office next door to us. We have a wealth of experience working with clients all over the United Kingdom, North America, mainland Europe and Australia – with the processes, communication and results always delivered to the highest standards possible.

    SEO Manchester

    Our Manchester SEO Experts

    The Search Engine Optimisation Process:

    SEO Audit & Campaign Planning

    Every search engine optimisation campaign should begin with an in-depth SEO audit. This phase is where we will comprehensively analyse your targeted search terms, competitors and your website. The results of this audit will be the foundation on which your strategy is built.

    When analysing your keywords (such as 'SEO Manchester'), we will also look to identify additional and relevant 'longtail keywords' that could be more straightforward search terms to target (such as 'Search Engine Optimisation Agency in Manchester' / 'SEO Agencies in Manchester'). The premise behind this is that while we are working towards ranking for the main keywords ('SEO Manchester'), we are also bringing relevant search traffic into your sales funnel and generating a quicker return on your search marketing spend.

    Looking at your competitors next, we will identify why the search engines are rewarding them and to what extent their content adequately answers the searchers' question. We will also analyse their backlink profile and see why they have attracted the links that they have, outlining strategies to get similar links as well as how to attract additional higher quality ones.

    Lastly, we will audit your website. This audit focuses specifically on areas such as your website speed, user experience, structured data, schema mark-up, site structure, internal linking and most importantly, your content.


    On-site Optimisation

    After the audit is complete, the next stage is often to implement the identified on-page SEO fixes. This stage is where the quickest improvements in organic rankings can often be seen.

    At the highest level, we may need to install an HTTPS certificate, update your server to LiteSpeed and optimise caching to improve server response time and speed. Next, we will optimise your content management system. This may include adding or developing plugins that eliminate render-blocking resources, remove unused CSS and reduce JavaScript execution time. During this phase, we will also look at your site structure to ensure relevant content is grouped together properly and solidifies your website as an expert on the topic and therefore a more relevant result in the eyes of search engines.

    Next, we will implement any UX and structured data changes to the website to ensure that your visitors are finding the information that they need quickly and in an easy-to-digest format. This is a highly data-driven task, where we will analyse the flow of traffic through your website from Google Analytics, as well as use heat-mapping software to see if users are performing the actions on-site that we want them to.


    SEO Content

    As part of the SEO Manchester onboarding process, we will create a content calendar. This will outline new pages that may need creating as well as improvements in current content. The content that is curated and published will need to be engaging, informative and most importantly answer the searchers' question comprehensively. Content can also be used to expand on certain topics around your root keywords, further solidifying your website as the primary authority on the subject and therefore more likely to be the most relevant search result in Google.

    Additionally, we may also plan out flagship pieces of content built around attracting links to your website. This could include in-depth studies, surveys and polling to develop unique data sets and perspectives on your market that is likely to be picked up by both the press and relevant websites in your industry. We will always work closely with you to ensure that the content we curate fits well within your brand identity and is appropriate for your market.


    Digital PR, Backlinking & Authority Building

    A fundamental aspect of the Google core algorithm (and the subsequent order of the search results) revolves around how many 'backlinks' a website has. Backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites that reference content on another domain. The more high-quality backlinks that a website has, the more likely Google is to see the website as trustworthy and an authority on a topic.

    There are numerous effective and sustainable strategies for building backlinks that we use at Gorilla Marketing. Common methods often involve creating content for other websites (guest posting), finding broken links on sites that we want links from (and asking for it to direct to you instead) and 'skyscraping' competitor content by vastly improving it and getting their backlinks changed to your website instead.

    Lastly, we also receive daily updates from a network of over 10 000 reporters and media contacts who are looking for comments on stories from industry experts which will often include a backlink from high-authority news domains. We are also able to curate and pitch industry news stories on behalf of clients to further maximise coverage opportunities.


    SEO Reporting

    We truly believe that transparency and accountability to the client are integral mechanisms of any SEO campaign working. Unlike other agencies, you won't deal with an 'account manager' who is often on commission to keep you on the books. Your relationship with Gorilla Marketing will always be through the Manchester SEO manager who is handling your account and doing the actual SEO of your website. This means that you can get instantaneous updates on your campaign with either a quick phone call or email.

    Additionally, we put a lot of emphasis on our reporting and ensuring that you understand why we are taking the steps that we are. You will get an overview of everything that has been implemented and what we plan to implement next; as well as tracked improvements in your website rankings, traffic and subsequent sales.


    FAQ's of Manchester SEO Agencies

    What is SEO and how does it work?

    Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is the practice of optimising on-site and off-site elements of a website to improve its visibility in the search engine results pages. Optimising a site encompasses a variety of different factors, covering technical website performance, user experience improvements, website speed optimisation, revision and enhancement of on-site content and media, boosting the site's strength by obtaining new links from around the web (via natural, ethical means) and much, much more! SEO works by enhancing a website in three key areas and then making as many improvements to each area as possible. These key areas are:

    •    Technical SEO website performance and usability.
    •    Content quality control and optimisation.
    •    Backlink profile relevance and quality.

    When our expert SEO team analyse and optimise a site, each of these 'pillars' of SEO is individually audited, improved and fixed where necessary.

    What are the advantages of SEO?

    SEO has several advantages over other forms of both digital marketing and even traditional offline marketing. Firstly, by having your website appear at the top of the search results when a search engine user does a qualified search, let's say "bananas for sale", you're able to present your offer to them at the precise moment that they are looking to buy. SEO allows you to make your offer to search engine users when they are most motivated to become a customer.

    Secondly, organic traffic is free. While PPC is a fantastic way of garnering instant visibility for a wide range of relevant search phrases (or 'keywords'), there is, of course, the 'pay-per-click' element. Paying for each click-through from the search results can make PPC a costly excursion for those in high competition markets who don't have a substantial monthly budget. Clicks from your organic search listings don't cost a penny - making SEO the backbone of a well-rounded digital marketing campaign.

    SEO also relates to the optimisation and improvement of your user experience and journey. The improvements made to the usability of your website during the SEO process can even improve your on-site conversion rate and ultimately boost your bottom line.

    Are there any negatives to SEO?

    If done ethically and within Google's guidelines, there aren't any real negatives to optimising your website for search. Google's aim is not only to serve their users with the most relevant results for their queries, but also the results which lead to the best and most engaging user experiences. By optimising your website in-line with their preferences and guidelines, it's only for the good of the user!

    That said, there are many agencies, SEO consultants and freelancers out there who will promise quick results or make guarantees about improvements to organic visibility, which in our experience, usually means they wind up trying to 'cheat' their way to the top of the search results using 'black hat' SEO tactics.

    This can be as nasty as it sounds, as almost all unethical SEO tricks have been identified by Google over the years, and the sophisticated search algorithm can easily sniff-out and penalise sites using these practices, ultimately removing them from the results pages altogether.

    You'll be pleased to know that all our SEO practices here at Gorilla Marketing are 100% ethical, meaning the remarkable results we get for our clients are a sustainable and reliable source of relevant organic traffic.

    Is SEO better suited to B2B or B2C businesses?

    SEO is equally suited to both B2B and B2C businesses. The thinking behind this is simple – if your target audience is doing searches for questions and phrases related to your products or services, you would naturally want to be the first website they see listed in the results!

    The first step for most SEO campaigns, mainly when onboarding clients who are new to SEO, is to research which are the most popular search phrases or 'keywords' used each month in relation to their offering. If we know, for example, that your target audience is specifically B2B, then we steer our research towards phrases and language that industry insiders would use, whereas B2C search phrases can often be more 'broad' or non-specific.

    Each new client at Gorilla Marketing will receive an in-depth report encapsulating our keyword research as to help them identify the highest value search phrases within their industry and location, regardless of if they're B2B or B2C!

    What is Local SEO?

    Local SEO is the practice of ranking a website in the 'Map Pack' search results and at the top of the search results for terms that have a geolocation modifier. The 'Map Pack' is the three map and phone number results listed at the top of the search results (below the adverts) when making a 'location' search. An example of this would be if you searched for "SEO Manchester" and saw Gorilla Marketing at the top.

    Having your website appear in the Map Pack section of the search results can be incredibly valuable for local businesses. Not only does this section appear above the usual ten organic results, but mobile users can also directly call or get directions to your business from your Map Pack listing.

    Local SEO is also quite different from a 'national' SEO campaign in its execution. Google has a separate set of criteria for what allows a website to rank at a local level, so we ensure our local SEO campaigns lean heavily into those practices for our local SEO clients! For a basic overview of how we do this, please read our local SEO guide.

    What is National SEO?

    As you may expect having read the above FAQ, 'national' SEO is the practice of ranking a website at a national level. In the eyes of the search engines, these are phases which do not contain a 'location' modifier within the phrase. This could be in the form of an online shopping phrase, or even an informational search such as "what is search engine optimisation?".

    When looking to rank a website on a national level, there are several considerations we must make, especially when comparing your site against your nationwide competitors. Namely, how do your website match-up in terms of technical performance, brand trustworthiness, on-site content quality and the relevance and quality of your backlink profile?

    By ensuring your website stacks up or even outweighs your national competitors in each of these areas is a great way to place the site at the tippy top of the search results pages.

    What is Enterprise SEO?

    Enterprise SEO is a highly strategic & technical approach to search engine optimization. The websites that require enterprise SEO will often have thousands of pages that may cater to a variety of international markets and languages. If the website is targeting numerous countries, then this aspect of SEO will not only optimise for Google and Bing, but also search engines such as Baidu (China) and Yandex (Russia).

    A fundamental cornerstone of an enterprise SEO strategy also revolves around reputation management, meaning SEO is done on other websites to ensure only positive results about the brand are seen in the organic listings.

    Additonally, for enterprise search engine optimisation to achieve maximum results, various departments across the business and possibly the globe need to work together harmoniously, with the SEO company able to effectively communicate and orchestrate content, marketing efforts and implementations seamlessly.

    What is E-commerce SEO?

    E-commerce SEO is a specialist SEO service specifically for E-commerce websites which allow users to shop and make purchases online. While many of the SEO practices used on E-commerce sites are like those used on local, national and enterprise websites, there are many E-commerce specific optimisations that we can make too!

    This includes the use of various types of 'schema mark-up'; a code which allows E-commerce stores to feed various details and ratings related to their products through to the search results listings, making the site links much more attractive to search engine users, which in-turn improves click-through rates.

    E-commerce SEO also requires a considerate and user-friendly website architecture plan, ensuring that website visitors can easily navigate around the website and find their way to products via the thematically categorised navigation menu. These are just a couple of examples of the many E-commerce specific optimisations we can make E-commerce websites to improve their visibility in the search results substantially.

    How often does Google update their algorithm?

    There is no hard and fast rule as to how often Google updates its ranking algorithm. However, it's fair to say that they make minor changes, adjustments and improvements to it on an almost daily basis.

    Every so often, though, a more substantial 'core' algorithm update is released, which can have a very noticeable impact on the criteria required to rank highly in the search results. The effect of these core updates can ultimately reshape the search results rankings across almost every industry with an online presence. It is our job as a leading SEO agency to stay on the cutting-edge of Google's algorithm updates and ensure we are optimising each of our clients' websites in accordance with the latest rules and criteria.

    Any experienced SEO will tell you that almost every working day starts with a quick scan of the SEO forums and news outlets to monitor any chatter of a new Google algorithm update that may affect their clients or web properties!

    Which strategies work best for SEO?

    As outlined in the above FAQs, the best SEO strategy really depends on the type of SEO campaign we are delivering for a client.

    For example, with 'local' SEO campaigns, establishing our client as a local authority and presence using verified map listings, optimised Google My Business profiles, congruent business directory citations and a well-optimised website is usually the best way forward.

     For national SEO campaigns, something a little more labour-intensive is often required. This includes building the brand through digital PR or backlink building campaigns, substantial on-site content development and possibly even a technical website overhaul.

    The same thinking can be applied to 'enterprise' and 'E-commerce' SEO campaigns. We have refined and specific strategies for every type of website that we then tailor-fit to ensure each client receives the best possible results.

    That said, it's fair to say that all these strategies follow a 'best-practice' methodology, using ethical SEO practices that deliver measurable and sustainable results.

    Which tools are the best for SEO?

    Every SEO has their preferred toolbox of SEO tools and software; however, if you're looking to get started in the world of SEO or conduct your research and analysis on your website, we have some great suggestions for tools you can use to get started!

    SEMRush provides a host of handy SEO tools that will help you cover almost all aspects of a basic SEO campaign, including website analysis, keyword research, monitoring search rankings, backlink audits and much more. While there are better specialist tools on the market that provide a more in-depth technical review or backlink analysis, SEMRush is a comprehensive package that should provide more than enough insight and direction to begin your SEO journey!

    For those looking for a comprehensive backlink report of their website, Ahrefs and Majestic offer the most in-depth and well-rounded backlink audits, with a broader catchment of domains across the internet (including some lower authority domains that slip through the net of other tools like SEMRush and Moz).

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider is also a staple of any SEO's toolkit; this handy desktop app can quickly crawl your website and return a list of URLs' along with status codes and a breakdown of the content and SEO elements of each page. From here, you can quickly identify any crucial issues, such as 404 pages, missing title tags and so on.

    Is WordPress the best CMS for SEO?

    When possible, we always recommend WordPress to clients who are considering a change in CMS or are looking at building their first website with SEO in mind. WordPress is an incredibly flexible and SEO-friendly platform. The unique advantage of WordPress is that it has a massive developer community who have created plugins, themes and code for almost any possible want or need that someone may have.

    Additionally, WordPress allows webmasters to curate and publish content easily and in a way that conforms to Google's webmaster guidelines. Content on the CMS is also easily arranged into categories, and the often-universal footer and heading provide search engines with logical paths to follow which assist with indexing.

    You will be pleased to know that Gorilla Marketing is specialists in WordPress design and development. We believe this is a core offering which is vital in ensuring that every SEO Manchester campaign that we start has all the fundamentals and foundations in place to ensure it is excellently delivered.

    What is on-page optimisation in SEO

    When SEOs refer to on-page optimisation, we're usually referring to the optimisation of SEO-specific elements found on a web page. This can include a huge array of factors from the website speed and usability through to the content; including the keyword density within the text on a page, the placement of keywords within certain header tags, whether or not images on a page are tagged with appropriate text containing keyword variations, video optimisation, links contained within a page's text and much more.

    On-page optimisation is a crucial part of the SEO process because it allows us to make the page easily digestible to both Google and other search engines by clearly showing them which range of keywords a page or website should rank for.

    We use a host of specialist SEO tools and methodologies to bring about correctly optimised pages for our clients, often conducting a full review and revision of all current page copy, header tags, media and usability.

    How does link building help SEO?

    Link building plays an essential role within most successful SEO campaigns. When search engines evaluate a website, they also look at off-site factors. This includes how many links your domain has from other relevant and authoritative domains. These links act as appropriate indications of credibility from one website to another, and when gathered en masse, search engines can conclude your domain is of high quality and credibility.

    On the other hand, many unethical SEOs have tried to manipulate this ranking factor in the past by creating networks of private blogs and domains with the sole purpose of linking to their clients. While this may have worked several years ago, search engine algorithms are now extremely sophisticated and capable of identifying these kinds of practices, often resulting in a penalised website.

    The key to long-lasting results when it comes to link building is creating an ethical, organic, content-focused strategy. If you create valuable content that 'earns' backlinks, then relevant domains will cite you as a source, precisely the way Google wants them to!

    How does content marketing and digital PR help with SEO?

    As mentioned above, creating content that helps to earn new links to your website is the best and most sustainable method of SEO link building - which is exactly where content marketing and PR come into play.

    As a leading SEO agency, it's our job to help identify areas where you can create valuable content that is likely to garner the attention of other websites within your niche, and ultimately lead to an influx of new backlinks.

    Content Marketing like this could come in the form of a newly-released dataset or study, a free e-book, an interactive online tool or an attractive infographic (to name just a few). The ultimate goal is to create a content asset so engaging, entertaining, controversial or useful that other webmasters cannot help but share and cite the piece.

    Digital PR also now plays an important rule within the practice of SEO, helping to promote and circulate your content by reaching out to online press and bloggers to secure coverage for your content piece in advance.

    How long does it take for SEO to work?

    This is the million-dollar question, and one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter from new and prospective clients!

    Frustratingly, however, there is no fixed answer here. Organic rankings are the result, not just the hundreds of variables in-play on your website, but the trillions of variables on everyone else's domains out there on the web! We must take into consideration the current state of your domain, from a technical, content and domain authority perspective, and then also measure that against the same factors on your competitors' websites.

    If you're entering a highly-competitive niche with a brand new domain, the time and labour investment required to bring about 1st-page rankings for your highest value keywords are guaranteed to be significant (and any SEOs promising quick results should be treated with extreme caution).

    However, by doing our due diligence and conducting in-depth keywords research during the early stages of each campaign, we're often able to identify less competitive keywords that we can help a domain rank for in the short-term, while other more competitive rankings gradually climb the search results pages.

    Does social media help with SEO?

    Social media does not have a direct impact on a website's search engine rankings; however, the existence and activity of these profiles can help paint an overall picture of 'legitimacy' and 'credibility' of a business or general domain.

    These platforms can also be utilised to market your product, service or offering in their own right, which can result in the establishment of an initial customer base or audience, a collection of reviews, site engagements around your domain or even exposure from other established social media profiles you may wish to engage with.

    Social media profiles can be used as a tool to build your brand and engage directly with hashtags, trending content, and other profiles to give you the initial exposure needed to get your first few customers. The engagement, reviews and content those sales result in can then be utilised for SEO benefit.

    PPC or SEO? Which one is better?

    While PPC and SEO are both primary categories of Search Engine Marketing, they are far removed in terms of how closely they can be compared. Each has its own set of benefits, making each method better suited to a particular kind of client, based on their budget, offering, KPI's and more.

    PPC is often better suited to clients who need instant visibility; a paid search campaign can be set up and activated in one day, with rankings appearing within the search results almost instantaneously. The audience targeting within PPC campaigns can also make this type of search marketing very valuable to those looking to focus their spend in a specific location or user type.

    SEO, on the other hand, is often more cost-effective. Website clicks that come from organic search listings don't cost a penny. If managed correctly, a website can often appear for hundreds of relevant keywords by producing long-form, informative content without having to invest any money to display the page in the SERPs.

    A well-rounded search engine marketing campaign usually consists of both PPC and SEO, however, for those with a limited budget, your needs and targets should help determine which avenue of search marketing is best for you in the beginning.

    How much does SEO in Manchester cost?

    As with almost any industry, each agency for SEO in Manchester has its own pricing structure and packages. At Gorilla Marketing, we've done our research, and have priced ourselves extremely competitively against other city centre agencies, all while delivering a second-to-none SEO service time after time to all our clients.

    If you're currently shopping around for SEO services in Manchester, it's undoubtedly worth gathering quotes for your SEO campaign from each agency you like the look of, as well as a detailed plan of the strategies each one would like to roll out on your website for your budget. At that point, you'll have a well-rounded view of what you can get for your money, deciding thereafter not only on cost but also the quality of the deliverables too.

    How do you become an SEO professional?

    While courses in digital marketing and SEO are now beginning to emerge in the educational sector, SEO traditionally could only be taught by practice and mentorship by others in the industry. A good SEO is forged during years of testing and refining their process and seeing how the search engines respond each time.

    Through sheer experience and practice, we have developed a range of incredibly effective SEO strategies and campaigns that we apply to our clients' sites based on their individual needs and goals. During our 80+ years of combined experience in the field, we have worked on countless campaigns across a vast range of websites, both nationally and internationally. During this time, we have honed our professional SEO skills resulting in us becoming one of the leading SEO Manchester agencies that we are today!

    Do you have any jobs at your SEO Manchester Agency?

    We're always looking to link-up with talented digital marketeers, be it in the field of SEO or other associated digital marketing practices. If you feel you have valuable experience and talent that you'd like to bring to the Gorilla team, we'd love to hear from you. You can fill in this form here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!