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Welcome to Gorilla Marketing – a leading internet marketing & design agency based in Manchester. Founded in 2013, our mission has always been to provide businesses with a comprehensive, ‘all-in-one’ online marketing & web management service which delivers long-lasting results. Our approach is sustainable, data driven & focused on your business growth – leading us to truly believe that we provide some of the best SEO Manchester has to offer.

If you’re looking to increase your inbound business opportunities and sales through search, we would love the opportunity to talk to you about your targets and goals. We are easily reachable by email at Alternatively, we are available on 0161 850 3963 to answer any & all questions that you may have. We look forward to speaking with you!


Cutting Edge

Cutting edge SEO, web and design solutions that assist our partners in their overall digital marketing & acquisition strategies. Our ultimate aim is to become an extension of our clients’ businesses, helping them generate new business opportunities through the internet.

Our experienced and dynamic team consists of creative Content Marketers, technical Search Engine Optimisation Specialists, world-class Pay-Per-Click Managers and Front / Back End Web Developers, allowing us to offer clients a comprehensive digital marketing and design service which offers support in every area. Our head office is based in Manchester – one of the creative capitals of Europe, from which we proudly service clients located all over the world.

Search Engine Optimisation Manchester

By the very nature of being an SEO company, our success is closely tied to the success of our clients. As such, we make it our top priority to go above and beyond with SEO solutions that we offer – setting long-term business targets with you as well as ranking objectives and KPIs. To achieve this, our product is focused around providing a full web, branding and online marketing service that is customised specifically around the business needs of each one of our clients. To find out if we are the right fit for your business, request your free website audit, fill in our discovery form or contact our Manchester office on 0161 850 3963.

FAQ About Our SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation describes the process of optimising a web page so that it appears higher in the organic listings of search engines for certain keywords (thus generating ‘free’, targeted traffic). The benefits that this could have to a business are self-explanatory – the process, however, isn’t. As such, many business owners don’t have the time to learn SEO – and then still dedicate themselves to implementing the best practices. In this day and age, a successful SEO campaign consists of several disciplines, from web development and technical onsite optimisation to creative content and PR marketing. Each area of our team specialises in a key component of SEO, ensuring your campaign rests on the work and experience of proven digital experts.


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The answer to this depends on the answers to a couple of other questions. These are:


  • Does your product or service have a decent ‘generic phrase’ search volume? What we mean by this is are there enough people searching for your product without knowing many / any brands on the market? Don’t worry, if you’ve never explored this before, we can conduct this research and explain the results.
  • Is this search volume high enough to deliver a worthwhile ROI on your SEO agency spend? This is different for every industry – Low search volume but high-value sales vs low-value sales are both candidates for successful search engine optimisation campaigns.
  • Is your business able to rely on other marketing channels while waiting for SEO to return its investment? Long-term, sustainable SEO isn’t an overnight process and can take a number of months to bear fruit. In the interim, supplementary channels such as social media marketing or Pay-Per-Click advertising may be worthwhile addition to your SEO services.


If you would like us to do a free SEO health check and audit on your website, including keyword research and competitor analysis then feel free to get in touch with us 0161 850 3963.

This depends on many different factors. The main things that we take into consideration when gauging how long a campaign will take are:



If you would like a free audit, within which we will be able to give you an opinion on how long your website will take to rank, please feel welcome to get in touch with us.

We take a ‘white hat’ and ethical approach to your search engine optimization that ensures the longevity and success of your business online. For most campaigns, we will start with making sure that your website is clearly structured, the content is relevant to your keywords (after intense keyword research), and that your web pages are ones that search engines want to display to their users.


We take a ‘white hat’ and ethical approach to your search engine optimization that ensures the longevity and success of your business online. For most campaigns, we will start with making sure that your website is clearly structured, the content is relevant to your keywords (after intensive keyword research), and your web pages are ones that search engines want to display to their users.


The next phase is establishing you as the online authority in your industry. We do this by publishing great content on your website and then reaching out to our network of journalists, bloggers, social influencers & webmasters to place coverage, brand mentions and backlinks around the internet. From here, each campaign is different depending on the rankings and subsequent needs of your website:


Why Our Clients Love Us


We are able to manage everything from web design, SEO and pay per click campaigns – meaning you just have to deal with one person (your dedicated account manager) about everything!


We have been an integral part of many noteworthy success stories over the years, from helping smaller businesses gain valuable local visibility, to accelerating growth within established businesses around the world. Our first priority when starting work with you is increasing sales – and then finding an online route to success.


We love overachieving for our fantastic clients and are rather boastful of the great working relationships we develop with them. That’s probably why we have been rated 5 stars on both Google & TrustPilot respectively!


Every client has a dedicated account manager who is easily reachable, always available and hands-on with their campaign!


We have an organised, target driven work-culture at Gorilla focused around delivering projects ‘under budget and ahead of schedule’.


We really get to know each of our clients and the unique challenges they face, developing a customised solution to help each of them achieve success

Pay-per-Click / Retargeting

The specialist PPC team at Gorilla Marketing are honoured to be one of only a few agencies in the UK to receive the prestigious Google Premier Partner status. We firmly believe this is a reflection of our commitment and dedication to setting up and managing ROI-centric campaigns which increase visibility & maximise conversions. Our approach to PPC campaigns are intense – with every cent scrutinised closely and every available opportunity taken. We never consider a PPC project complete and are always on the lookout to reduce wastage and increase conversions.

SEO Training / Consulting

Besides helping our clients with some of the best SEO Manchester has to offer, we also provide in-depth SEO and internet marketing training to individuals & businesses of all sizes. From training a member of your staff with a basic knowledge of SEO to giving refresher courses to teams at national companies – you can rely on Gorilla Marketing to improve your current search marketing strategy and introduce you to unique, ethical SEO techniques. We are able to hold training sessions online or come to your offices anywhere in the world.


Are you a local business owner that wants to take charge of your own internet marketing? We provide customised search engine optimisation and content marketing training around your project requirements.


From a promising beginner to seasoned SEO veteran, we are able to work closely with and help members of your team stay current on the latest trends, developments & methods.


We have helped SEO teams within major international companies take a fresh look at their search marketing strategy, afterwards implementing our recommendations to their search strategy to great effect.

WordPress Design / Development

Our team of talented designers & developers are able to build responsive WordPress websites to any and all specifications – with every project we work on designed from the get-go to be loved by both people and search engines. We also work closely with you to establish a clear project path and ensure that all deadlines are met on time and delivered to a high standard.


For companies who sign up for a local SEO campaign, your website (among many other things) is free. Please feel welcome to contact us on 0161 850 3963 for further information.

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