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Are you looking for a SEO agency in and around Hull? Look no further. We’re Gorilla Marketing, a specialist SEO service for businesses in Kingston upon Hull.


Need SEO, Hull?

You’ve probably found us by typing ‘SEO Agency Hull‘ into Google or one of the other major search engines. You may now be wondering how to get your business found online as easy as it was for you to find us.

The good news is that it is more than achievable with search engine optimisation. We’re a specialist SEO company that uses cutting edge digital marketing to help businesses like yours improve their search engine rankings and grow their company’s online presence and revenue.

Our Hull SEO Experts

With over 30 trillion web pages in the Google index, getting your business easily found by potential customers is akin to being lost in the jungle. Meet the troop who thrive in that environment.

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Operations Director

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Client Success

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SEO Manager

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SEO Manager

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Why Choose A Hull SEO Company?

Hull has seen a boom in various industries, with some of the largest companies in Hull being in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. There has also been a steady increase in tech start-ups, with a slow influx of SEO specialists following.

This influx of talent has led to healthy competition between SEO agencies in Hull which has greatly increased the overall quality of the SEO services on offer within the city and means that only the best agencies can attract your business.

There will be many benefits for your business if you choose to work with an SEO agency based in Hull, such as:

  • An SEO agency based in London has a lot of extra costs compared to an agency based in Hull. If you use a London-based SEO agency these costs will be passed on to your business. The cost of an agency in Hull will be lower, but the quality of the service will not be affected. 

  • Hull is fast becoming a hub for the knowledge sector. This means there is a huge pool of talent working in SEO and digital marketing in the city.

  • Due to the rising number of SEO experts in Hull, competition between agencies is increasing which has resulted in very high standards within the local SEO services industry.

The Importance Of Local SEO Services

When searching for local businesses in search engines, customers are increasingly using ‘Near Me’ related search terms and this has recently evolved into one of the most popular ways to search for businesses and products online.

The use of local search terms actually increased by more than 150% between 2019 and 2020 and this trend looks set to continue.

This means that local search optimisation is increasingly important for businesses and without proper search engine optimisation your business may not be appearing on up to 46% of location-focused Google searches.

As a local SEO company based in Hull, we can optimise your website for local searches so that your business shows up on the first page of local results which will increase your website’s visibility and subsequent enquiries, bookings or sales.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

1) SEO Audit & Campaign Planning

At the beginning of any SEO campaign, we will conduct an in-depth SEO audit of your business. During this stage, we perform a thorough analysis of your website, competitors and targeted search terms.

An SEO audit will, in a nutshell, analyse how well your website is performing, and consider the best SEO practices that can be used to improve your website’s ranking on search engine result pages.

The data and information that we gather from this audit will then be used to create your bespoke SEO campaign and we will use the results to measure the progress of your website as we work through the next stages.

During the in-depth audit, we will focus on specific factors and areas that may be affecting your SEO performance such as:

  • Structured data
  • User experience
  • Website speed
  • Site structure
  • Internal linking
  • Schema mark-up
  • Content


When carrying out our keyword research for your business we will look to analyse and identify relevant ‘long tail keywords’ that will help your website rankings increase, especially in the local market.

We will still be working on the search engine rankings for your main keywords, but with this approach, we can also bring in other relevant search traffic into your sales funnel. This will help you to generate faster returns on your investment.

The next phase of your audit and SEO campaign planning will involve a close analysis of your competitors.

By doing this, we will analyse their websites and content to build an understanding of why they are being rewarded by the search engines to rank higher than you. We will look at how their content is adequately answering the questions of potential customers, and where gaps in your content are.

As part of this process, your competitors’ backlink profiles will also be analysed so that we can establish the reasons that they have attracted their links. This information will then be used to develop an SEO strategy to attract similar and higher-quality links to your site.

2) Technical SEO Hull

Once the auditing phase has been completed and we’ve created your bespoke SEO campaign we will start implementing the on-page SEO fixes that have been identified during the audit. During this stage, you will often notice the most rapid organic rankings improvements.

Depending on the needs of your business, we may then need to use technical SEO to update the software on your server to LiteSpeed, install an HTTPS certificate and improve your server response time by optimising caching.

Once this is done, we will then begin optimising your content management system which often includes reducing the execution time of JavaScript, adding or developing plugins which will eliminate render-blocking resources and removing unused CSS to increase the rendering speed of your web pages.

The structure of your site will also undergo thorough analysis and, if necessary, re-building.

This will be done to make sure that all of the relevant content is grouped together to give your website the authority of an expert, which means it will appear as a more relevant search result when the topic or your industry is searched for.

Next, we will use Google Analytics to run an analysis of data related to the flow of traffic through your website and we will also utilise heat-mapping software so that we can identify whether the on-site actions we want users to perform are being carried out. This will give us an idea of how traffic is flowing through your site, and how long customers spend time on your website.

This is part of our strategy to make sure that visitors to your site are finding the required information as quickly as possible and that it is presented in an accessible format which we will achieve by implementing any necessary user experience (UX) and structured data changes to the site. 

3) SEO Content Writing

One way that we will work on improving your SEO content is to build a content calendar for your business. This calendar will include any improvements that need to be made to your current content as well as outlining any new pages that we might need to create, and the timing of publishing new content.

Any of the SEO content that we publish or curate on your site will be informative, creative, and engaging, and will provide a full and comprehensive answer to the question of the site visitor.

We can also create content that will build and expand on topics related to your main keywords. This will help to further establish your website as an expert authority on the specific topic.

There is also the option for us to help you attract links to your website by creating flagship content pieces which could include polling, in-depth studies and surveys that will build up unique perspectives and data sets on your specific market. These are then likely to be used by other websites that are relevant to your specific industry as well as being featured in the press which will ultimately drive traffic to your own website.

Throughout the process of curating and creating content for your website, we will work closely with you and consult with you about the strategies we pursue to make sure that the content that is published is appropriate for your market and reflects your brand identity.

4) Digital PR, Backlinking & Authority Building

The number of backlinks that a website has greatly influences search engine rankings as this is a key aspect of the Google algorithm. Due to this, backlinks are an important part of any strategy for SEO.

Backlinks are hyperlinks that appear on other relevant websites and refer to content on a different domain, in this case linking back to your own website. A great way to ensure that Google views your website as an expert authority on a topic is to have as many high-authority backlinks as possible.

At Gorilla Marketing, we use many different types of effective strategies in order to build up your backlinks to add trust and authority to your website.

Some of the strategies we use include contacting sites that we would like to have links from and asking that any broken links on their sites are re-directed to your site instead as well as creating guest posts for other relevant websites with links to your web pages.

We also use a method called “sky-scraping”, where we look at the content of your higher-ranking competitors, improve on that content on your website, and then organically earn their backlinks.

By choosing to work with us, you will also gain access to our vast network of media contacts and reporters which number over 10,000. Our network provides us with daily updates and requests for industry experts to comment on various news stories.

This frequently leads to high-authority backlinks to your website from various news domains. We can also maximise your coverage opportunities by pitching and curating industry news stories on your behalf.

5) SEO Reporting

Here at Gorilla Marketing, we believe that any successful SEO campaign must include accountability and transparency as this is integral to the effectiveness and success of the campaign.

This is why we will provide you with your very own business advocate at Gorilla Marketing, in the form of a client success manager, from the start of onboarding to the end of your time with us.

You will also have access to rapid updates from the entire team that’s working on your account as well as to our directors. Any time that you need any form of update you can drop us an email or give us a quick call and we’ll provide you with whatever information you need.

Throughout the entirety of your SEO campaign, we will provide you with an overview of every step we take to improve your website and we will give you detailed reports of all the changes we are implementing so that you fully understand why we are implementing them.

These reports will include tracked improvements in traffic to your website, search engine rankings and the resulting sales.

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FAQ's of Hull SEO Agencies

Why does your business need SEO?

A successful SEO campaign has the power to plant your website firmly on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs), which places you ahead of your competitors and at the front of the queue for visitors and potential customers.


This will not only build and increase your brand awareness but will also create more conversions for your business. If done well, search engine optimisation should lead to the majority of your business enquiries being generated from your website.


Some businesses opt for quick-fix advertising campaigns that cost a lot of money and don’t deliver results.


The real solution is to pursue an effective SEO campaign which will grow the reach and performance of your website organically and sustainably.


At Gorilla Marketing, we can provide this solution for you with our expert SEO services and digital marketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the most cost-effective and viable way for you to understand your customers and reach them successfully. The need for businesses to have great SEO is at an all-time high as consumers continue to shift their spending habits online.


If your company isn’t utilising the benefits of SEO, your website will almost certainly not be performing as well as it could be and you’ll be missing out on potential new customers and an increase in revenue as a result.


Here are just a few examples of the many benefits of SEO:


Positive impacts on the buying cycle

SEO increases your brand’s visibility and allows you to connect with the customers that need you. It also means that customers will be able to find your business more easily as they search for businesses online to provide them with certain answers, services and products.


By using SEO to enhance your messaging about the products, services and deals that your business offers, the buying cycles of your customers will undoubtedly be positively impacted.


Increased traffic, engagement and conversions from Local SEO

As mobile traffic continues to rise, local searches have become an increasingly important part of the success of small to medium-sized businesses.


Local SEO will optimise your business’s digital properties for specific regions, neighbourhoods, towns and cities, such as Hull. This means that customers in the local area will be able to find you easily which will increase conversions.


User experience is greatly improved

Good SEO will ensure that your website provides a favourable experience to visitors and that they’re able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. An unfavourable user experience will lead to dissatisfaction with your website and is very unlikely to result in a conversion.


Good SEO builds credibility & trust

Successful SEO will build authority for your website. In recent years, Google has put more and more emphasis on authority: the more of an authority you are in your field, the easier it should be for you to rank. That’s because for all the flak they get, they want searchers to find credible information from good sources.


SEO-optimised content is the best way to build authority. Our expert content writers can quickly build out your site with well-researched, well-written content that can boost your rankings.

How long does an SEO strategy take to work?

How long an SEO strategy takes to work can vary widely. By conducting an analysis of your website we are able to give you an approximate timescale but this will not be set in stone.


Depending on your specific industry and website, your organic search results may take quite some time (from a couple of months to a year) to start changing and the process will move faster and slower at certain times based on many variables.


The amount of time it takes for the strategy to start working fully will also depend on the starting point of your business. For example, if you have a new website and are looking to enter a competitive niche it will most likely take a while for your important pages to be ranking on the first page.


However long it takes, a good strategy for SEO is worth the time that you invest in it and you should never use agencies that promise quick fixes to complex issues.

Is SEO more effective for a B2B or B2C business?

SEO is as effective for a B2B business as a B2C business. Regardless of the type of customer that is searching for terms related to your services or products, they will all be using similar terms and SEO will help to ensure that your website is at the top of the search result pages.


If your business is targeting B2C, then the search phrases and keywords we focus on will be relevant to your business but will be broader than the specific language and phrases we would focus on if you’re targeting B2B.

Backlinks are earned ethically through “white hat” SEO.


There are many responsible ways to earn backlinks ethically and responsibly by creating content that is either useful, controversial, engaging or entertaining. This could include content such as studies and datasets, interactive online tools, engaging infographics and e-books.


This content is specifically designed to gain the attention of other relevant websites which will generate new backlinks in a responsible way. This will help to build authority for your website and increase the credibility and trust that users have in your business.

How do social media platforms affect SEO?

Although social media platforms will not directly affect your website’s rankings in search engines, you can use these platforms to create a sense of credibility and legitimacy around your website and business.


Social media can also be very useful for marketing your services or products and establishing a customer base which should lead to increased traffic to your website.


You can use social media to enhance your brand through engagement with things like trending content and hashtags which can lead to your business and website gaining more exposure.

Will SEO or PPC be better for my website?

Both SEO and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) have many benefits and which one you should use will depend on a number of factors; your budget, key performance indicators and offerings will all factor into which approach is more beneficial for your business.


SEO is the more cost-effective option as it is designed to generate clicks and traffic organically without you having to pay anything to generate those clicks. However, SEO does take longer to have an effect than PPC.


PPC is better for businesses that want to become instantly visible as your paid search campaign means that your rankings will appear within the search results straight away. However, this will be a lot less cost-effective than an SEO campaign.

Can SEO be used for e-commerce websites?

SEO can certainly be used for e-commerce websites. Many of the practices used for SEO on other sites can be used for e-commerce businesses as well. However, there are also specific optimisations that we can use for e-commerce sites.


Schema mark-up is a type of code that is commonly used for e-commerce stores as it increases click-through rates as it populates the search results with ratings and details that are related to the company’s products.

How much do SEO services cost in Hull?

The cost of SEO services in Hull varies depending on the agency you choose as well as the amount and type of services that you require for your business. As a rule, you should always get multiple quotes and also ask agencies to outline their strategies.


At Gorilla Marketing, we deliver a world-class SEO service that is competitively priced against the other SEO agencies in Hull.

What is the difference between a national SEO campaign and a local SEO campaign?

Local SEO campaigns are most beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses such as cafes and shops. If you run a business like this it is important that you show up in Map Pack results during Google searches and that your Google My Business details are fully optimised.


This will help you to engage with customers in the local area that are looking for your particular products or services.


Ranking for terms during a national SEO campaign tends to be a bit trickier as the businesses that need them will have a broader audience. This means that the campaign will be targeting more general search terms and keywords.

What are the downsides to SEO?

If you use an ethical and expert agency then there are absolutely no downsides to SEO. Although there are other search engines out there, Google is by far the most commonly used search engine, and good SEO is designed to drastically improve your Google rankings and grow your business.


The only time there are downsides to SEO services is if you employ an agency that uses unethical tactics to improve your Google ranking, called “black hat SEO”. Google’s algorithm will discover this and it usually results in your Google ranking being lower than when you started.

Do I need to hire an SEO agency or can I do it myself?

You don’t have to hire an SEO company if you’d rather do it yourself, but by employing SEO experts to do it for you, you are far more likely to get better results.


An SEO company will come up with a bespoke SEO and digital marketing strategy for your business and will use practices such as organic search marketing to drive more traffic to your website.


Achieving good search engine optimisation by yourself can be very time-consuming and difficult, so it’s always best to hire an expert in SEO services to do it for you.