PPC Agency Liverpool

Gorilla Marketing can provide your Liverpool-based business with an expert PPC campaign, not just to stay ahead of your competitors, but rather to lead the way.


Need PPC, Liverpool?

We are a trusted Liverpool PPC agency that specialises in creating bespoke PPC campaigns for businesses in Liverpool. We test, refine and optimise all elements of our clients’ paid search campaigns continuously to ensure the best outcomes.

Google Ads is top of the food chain within the paid search engine advertising industry. 92.5% of search engine queries are now made on Google which makes Google Ads the number one priority for any PPC campaign.

The Google Ads platform can be used to target keywords that are relevant to your business which is then used to create engaging ads to increase your visibility to your target audience and drive up traffic and boost sales on your website.

A Google Premier Partner

Gorilla Marketing’s PPC Management Services Team are an official Premier Google Partner and we are proud to be a part of this small and prestigious group of UK agencies.

Our expert PPC team strives to retain this partnership with Google which means that our paid search marketing must meet the highest standards and we must demonstrate:

  • That each paid search campaign gets the best results and returns for the client.

  • That we have a minimum spend of $10,000 over each 90-day period.

  • That we are proficient enough to pass the Google Ads exams set by Google every 18 months.

  • That we have at least two advanced Google Ads partners that hold advanced Google Ads certifications.

  • That we have long-term PPC advertising accounts that we have helped to grow and that our client base continues to expand in a healthy way.

FAQ's About PPC & Google Ads Liverpool

What is the Gorilla PPC Strategy?

Our specialist PPC agency in Liverpool will delve deep into your business with an in-depth audit to identify your specific needs and then develop a PPC advertising strategy to engage your target audience and generate more sales.


Gorilla Marketing’s strategy for your PPC ad campaign will include:


  • A free and in-depth PPC audit

  • Incredibly accurate targeting

  • A detailed competitor analysis

  • A success strategy specific to your business and industry

  • Straightforward pricing and a simple ad spend plan

  • Social media marketing, retargeting, display and much more

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • Reporting centred around your business

  • Full conversion tracking software

  • Expert advice from our PPC specialists on how to continue to be successful

Are PPC Campaigns at Gorilla Marketing Bespoke?

Keyword research is a crucial element of any PPC campaign and we will begin your campaign with a full analysis of how each of your keywords is performing.


We will direct your ad budget away from keywords and ad groups that are underperforming and instead invest it into areas of the campaign that are performing well and gaining more profit.


By implementing this strategy, your budget for pay-per-click advertising will not need to increase as we will simply redirect the budget into more profitable areas.


We will also look to decrease cost-per-click and improve your quality score in the early phases of the campaign. We do this by avoiding irrelevant searches with the use of exact match keywords and matching keywords with landing pages.

Can Gorilla Marketing Increase Conversions, Not Just Clicks?

The first stage of PPC marketing is making sure that new customers are finding your business when they’re looking for relevant products or services in search engines.


Once that initial challenge has been overcome we then need to ensure that as many of these clicks as possible are being turned into conversions for your business.


Our PPC experts have a proven track record of turning clicks into sales by creating landing pages that engage your audience with informative content, appealing graphics and a straightforward call to action.


We will analyse the success of your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns and use this data to inform our strategy to maximise your conversion rate.

Can You Do Display Advertising?

Utilising display advertising is a key element of a successful PPC campaign and through the use of banner ads and images, we can increase your brand visibility and spread the message of your business.


We will use the Google Display Network to advertise your business on apps, websites and social media sites with formats including images, text, audio, flash and video.


Using display ads in the right way

We use display ads as part of our strategy to target ads to your specific audience. Display ads can reach previous visitors to your site that have clicked on your ads but have not converted.


By targeting these visitors with display ads on other domains we can encourage them to return to your site and follow through with a conversion.


Existing customers can also be targeted with upselling so that they upgrade their products or services which will also maintain awareness of your brand amongst previous visitors to your site.


Fully optimising display ads

Display ads perform best when you have a detailed strategy in place to identify and target audiences that have the same interests or are demographically similar to your existing customers.


To develop your successful display ads campaign we will create ad groups to effectively target customers and increase sales.


Some of the methods we will use as part of this strategy may include:


  • Topic targeting – targeting your display ads to sites that match a particular topic that is relevant to your business

  • Affinity targeting – targeting your ads to users that have visited sites featuring topics that are relevant to your business

  • Custom affinity targeting – refining the affinity targeting process by using data about users’ apps, interests, places and other factors

  • Managing placements – so that your ads appear on websites that are relevant to your business.


How we measure the success of your display ads campaign

Throughout the whole of your campaign, our in-house team will provide you with progress updates to keep you up-to-date on how we are working to improve your business.


The success of your display ads campaign will be monitored via Google Analytics and Google Search Console so that we can observe the increases in your branded search volume and direct or organic traffic.


We will pay attention to various performance metrics including:


  • Display ad engagement – engagement performance monitors how much user interaction your display ads are receiving. When a user clicks on your ads this counts as an engagement.

    By observing the number of clicks that took a user through to your landing pages we can judge the effectiveness of the campaign.

  • Increased brand awareness – by monitoring the number of new visitors to your site we can assess how effective the display ads campaign is at increasing the awareness of your brand and generating traffic.

    We will also monitor your frequency and reach metrics to gauge how often users are seeing your ads and how many users are being exposed to them.

  • Increased direct response – we will track the number of conversions that are taking place when users have converted through other channels after seeing your display ads.

    Direct response tracking will also track the number of conversions after users have clicked on your ads but converted through other channels.

What is Retargeting In PPC Marketing?

An important component of our PPC marketing campaign for your business will be retargeting. Retargeting involves using ads to target users based on the type of interactions they have had with your site.


Once the user has left your site their interactions on other sites are monitored via their Cookies data and this information is used to retarget them with ads based on these specific interactions.


There are two main categories of retargeting, which are:


  • On-site retargeting – this is retargeting that is aimed at previous visitors to your site who have clearly indicated some level of interest in your business by interacting with it in a certain way.

    Retargeting them with ads related to specific products and services can encourage them to re-engage with your site and should lead to an increase in conversions.

    The targeting could revolve around the route they originally took to your landing pages or a specific product that they’ve previously shown interest in.

  • Off-site retargeting – this is retargeting that is focused on users who have not previously visited or interacted with your site but have similar interests to your existing customers.

    To encourage them to interact with your site we can use targeted ads on relevant sites, apps and social media platforms, as well as target their searches.

Retargeting Strategies For PPC Campaigns

At the beginning of your retargeting campaign, we will create groups or lists of users based on the behaviours they exhibit whilst interacting with your site. We can then retarget each group with specific ads that are the most likely to encourage engagement with your site.


Some of the potential groups that we could create as part of your retargeting strategy include:


  • Existing customers – your current customers should be frequently reminded of your brand and its services, products and offers. Retargeting can be used to upsell products and services to existing customers to encourage them to upgrade.

    It can also be used to cross-sell complimentary products and services and to make existing customers aware of newer versions of these products and services.

  • General site visitors – this group is comprised of users who have visited your site but not interacted with any of the products and services and have not added anything to their shopping carts.

    Generally, there is the least potential of gaining conversions within this group and a retargeting campaign aimed at them would be fairly broad. The more general nature of the ads in this type of campaign can be used to build the overall reputation and reliability of your brand.

  • Visitors who failed to check out – retargeting site visitors who added products to their shopping carts but didn’t check out can be a successful strategy as the user has clearly shown interest but may have changed their mind or become distracted before completing a purchase.

  • Free trial users – these users have visited your site and have made use of free trials or downloads. Retargeting these users can encourage them to upgrade to the paid version of their current free services.

PPC Campaigns For YouTube

Using YouTube as part of a PPC campaign can be extremely effective given the versatility of the platform. There are plenty of different ways to engage users, including banners and overlays, in-stream videos and native discovery ads.


YouTube users are a top-of-funnel audience which means there is less potential for conversions than with other groups. However, at Gorilla Marketing we will experiment with different types and lengths of ads to see which prove to be the most effective for your top-of-funnel audience.


We will also make sure that the aesthetics and context of your videos are consistent with your website’s landing pages to create coherence across your brand.


As part of the campaign, your videos will also be analysed to ensure that they are engaging to users within the first four seconds and that they make sense with or without sound.

PPC Campaigns For E-Commerce

If you’re running an e-commerce site then we can increase your conversions through a paid search campaign using Google Shopping.


Google Shopping ads are often more likely to generate sales for e-commerce sites than other forms of PPC advertising. This is because the ads will feature one of your products with an image, its price and other features, so users will already have this information before they even land on your site.


Our campaign strategy involves making these ads as eye-catching and engaging to potential customers as possible by including information about current sales and offers, and other incentives.


One of the big benefits of a Google Shopping ads campaign is that you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. As these users are more likely than others to actually make a purchase your ad spend returns should be high.

What is the definition of PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model used online in which the advertising business pays the publisher whenever a user clicks on one of their advertisement links. It is also often referred to as the cost-per-click model.


The main publishers that offer the PPC model are social networks like Facebook and search engines such as Google.

Is PPC worth it?

We will perform a free PPC audit on your business to see if we think that a campaign will be worth it for you and to calculate whether we will be able to provide you with a return on your investment.


If we decide that a campaign is right for your business then it is certainly worth pursuing.


Part of our PPC strategy will be to reduce the amount of your budget that you spend on queries, demographics and areas that don’t work and boost your spending on areas that do work. This will give you much more control over your budget and give you a much better return on ad spend.

How long do PPC campaigns take to work?

One of the greatest benefits of a campaign for PPC is that the results are almost immediate. Other campaigns such as search engine optimisation (SEO) take time to get results as they focus on building organic traffic whereas paid search campaigns should be successful as soon as the ads go live.


If your business needs to generate revenue very quickly, then PPC is definitely the best option for you, and it is also the ideal choice for businesses looking to take advantage of short-term marketing windows such as seasonal sales, product launches and holidays.

What's included in PPC services?

What’s included in your PPC services will depend on the needs and type of your business. At Gorilla Marketing, we analyse your specific requirements and then tailor a campaign and strategy to best suit your desired outcomes.


Some of the strategies that may form part of your PPC campaign include a full PPC audit, display ads, search ads, Google Shopping ads, local services ads, remarketing campaigns, native advertising and campaign management setup.