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Dominate the search results with an expert and economical PPC campaign from Gorilla Marketing. We’re proud to be one of only a handful of agencies in the UK to receive the prestigious Google Premier Partner status.


Need PPC, Leeds?

Our Leeds PPC experts manage millions of pounds in ad spend each month, continuously optimising, refining and testing every aspect of our clients’ campaigns to ensure the best possible return on their investments. Our unyielding approach to PPC management ensures our clients receive daily reports, providing additional value and insight.

We also provide free PPC audits to businesses & campaigns of all sizes. In this audit we will break down and analyse the campaigns, looking for areas where it can be refined, as well as additional keyword opportunities and your competitor activity.

A Google Premier Partner

The PPC Management Team for Gorilla Marketing is proud to be an official Premier Google Partner agency – just one of a select few UK based agencies to receive this prestigious accreditation. To achieve and maintain this important partnership is a continuous process. Our PPC team must demonstrate:

  • AdWords proficiency. The exams set by Google are extremely in-depth and require retaking every 18 months.
  • Minimum spend. Google Premier Partners are required to spend at least \$10 000 every 90 day period.
  • Proven results. A Premier Partner needs to demonstrate a high value of return for their clients.
  • Minimum of two advanced AdWords partners. Premier agencies need at least two colleagues to hold advanced Google AdWords certifications.
  • A healthy & growing client base. Premier partners are required to show long-term accounts with both search and display that we have grown.

FAQ's About PPC & Digital Media Leeds

What is PPC marketing?

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is an internet marketing model in which an advertising company pays a fee every time one of its ads is clicked on. This is effectively the opposite of getting clicks through organic searches.


PPC marketing comes in forms such as paid search marketing, display advertising, and affiliate marketing. Paid search marketing is one of the more prevalent types of PPC. It entails advertisers bidding for ad placement on a search engine’s sponsored links, so when a user searches a keyword related to an advertiser’s products or services, the advertiser will come up.

What makes a good PPC campaign?

What makes a pay-per-click campaign successful will vary significantly as each PPC campaign is different. But all PPC campaigns require logic, extensive keyword research, continuous maintenance, and an organised structure.


Structure in particular is a critical component of successful PPC campaigns. The structure will inevitably differ depending on factors such as industry, paid search campaigns rely most on ad groups, ad text, keywords, and landing pages.

Can PPC help my small business?

PPC can grow your business by targeting the users who are clicking on the top search results, furthering brand awareness, and allowing you to accurately measure your ROI. The data you garner can then be used to adjust your digital marketing strategy or general business practices which can in turn lead to more sales.

Can PPC marketing help an e-commerce website?

Our services are designed to help many different businesses in various industries. In the case of e-commerce sites, we can create campaigns that use platforms such as Google Shopping to increase your conversions.


Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Product Search, can be a highly rewarding platform in terms of increasing revenue due to its format. Google Shopping ads contain key product information such as product price and features which are accompanied by an image that can also be discovered via Google images with the right optimisation.


Google Shopping ads are also popular as they work on a pay-per-click basis. To maximise the potential of your Google Shopping campaign we ensure that your ads are visually appealing, information-rich, and contextually relevant.

How long should PPC campaigns run?

It is difficult to place an exact time on how long a PPC campaign should run but a minimum of 3 months is ideal in terms of measuring your ROI for a campaign. Determining the success of a PPC campaign is easier when the campaign runs for longer periods of time as you’ll have more quantifiable data to work with.


Campaign management and maintenance should take place every 3 to 6 months, but this could also depend on the nature of your product or service. A simpler answer is that PPC campaigns can run as long as the campaign is profitable or you cannot keep pace with the incoming leads.


This is why we provide a free PPC audit to determine your exact business needs and offer you solutions accordingly.

How do you optimise your PPC campaigns and keywords?

Keyword research is the foundation of PPC marketing campaigns. This is why we perform an extensive analysis of how each keyword is performing, thus allowing us to optimise underperforming search terms. This not only saves you money but allows re-investment in other potentially fruitful areas of a campaign.


Automated bid strategies also play a critical role in this as bids will decrease in the event of underperformance, without you having to lift a finger or press a key.

What is PPC Retargeting?

Retargeting involves using paid ads to target audiences that have visited your business’s website or social media pages by using the data from cookies. Retargeting campaigns function as a way to remind visitors of your products and services after they have left without completing the desired action.

Why use a PPC Retargeting strategy?

Despite its potential, retargeting is often an under-appreciated strategy. It can lead to significant increases in conversions by providing additional points of contact for your brand. Retargeting campaigns typically have higher engagement levels in comparison to non-retargeting campaigns, as it is easier to market to those that have already expressed interest.

What is the difference between Retargeting & Remarketing?

Despite being used interchangeably and having similar objectives, retargeting and remarketing are not exactly the same thing. Both seek to increase conversions and target warmer leads but employ different approaches to do this.


Remarketing focuses more on email campaigns and reach-outs related to specific website interactions. On the other hand, retargeting can come in a variety of forms but prioritises paid ads.


As an experienced Leeds-based PPC agency and Google Premier Partners, we have the technical insights to help you choose digital marketing solutions that deliver results.