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Our PPC agency is the expert in digital marketing, and we specialise in creating bespoke PPC campaigns for businesses that need them.


Need PPC, Sheffield?

Our PPC agency in Sheffield is trusted by businesses of all types and sizes to deliver effective PPC advertising campaigns that will help to take them to the next level.

Our clients rely on Gorilla Marketing’s expert PPC team to deliver tailored strategies in paid search advertising that engage users, drive traffic and boost their sales.

Our local PPC consultants in Sheffield provide straight-forward advice and support to help you achieve your business goals. We’re dedicated to delivering high-performing paid advertising campaigns which deliver a real return on investiment for all our clients.

So, whether you’re looking to protect your brand, improve brand awareness, or get your products and services in front of the right people, don’t hestiate to get in touch today.

A Premier Google Partner PPC Agency

At Gorilla Marketing, we’re very proud that our PPC agency is part of a small and elite group of agencies that are Premier Google Partners. We put a lot of effort into making sure that we meet the high standards required to maintain this relationship.

In order for us to remain a Premier Google Partner, we have to demonstrate that:

  • Our levels of proficiency are such that we can pass the Google Ads exams set by Google every 18 months

  • Our PPC campaigns get excellent results and high returns for our clients

  • We meet the required minimum spend of $10,000 for each 90-day period

  • A minimum of two partners at our PPC agency hold advanced Google Ads certifications

  • We continue to grow our client base in a healthy way and that we have long-term accounts that we have helped to grow with both display and search campaigns

FAQ's About PPC & Digital Media Sheffield

How Important Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most important tool for any PPC agency and is the bedrock of a successful PPC campaign. Google has more than a 92% share of online searches and all other search engines pale in comparison.


We harness the power of Google Ads to help your business engage with customers, increase traffic to your website, build your brand’s visibility and boost conversion rates.


Specifically, we utilise Google Ads to pinpoint keywords that are relevant to your business so that we can create and curate ads that are aimed at your target audience.

Why Should You Use Local PPC?

Using local PPC advertising as part of your digital marketing strategy has many benefits for local businesses in Sheffield. Depending on your business, this can be incorporated into a broader digital marketing strategy or can be the main focus of your PPC campaign.


So, what are the main benefits of local PPC advertising?


Stay ahead of local search changes

Google frequently alters what shows up in its local search results, but with local PPC marketing, you can stay ahead of the curve.


By using paid search advertising, we can test new ad types, extensions and features the moment they’re released so that you’re always one step ahead.


There are many types of PPC ads and extensions we can use to keep you ahead of the competition during a local PPC campaign.


For example, if your business sells services or products in-person and online, we can use local inventory advertisements so that online customers can view your in-store products.


As part of our local PPC campaigns, we can also use location extensions so that the Google Maps listing for your local business appears alongside your PPC ads.


Using location extensions will also mean that your Maps listings will appear higher than organic results, which keeps you ahead of the pack.


Geographic targeting

In order to save money on your ad spend and to generate relevant traffic and leads for local businesses, we will make good use of geographic targeting.


This means that if your business only caters to a specific location, then we can target your PPC ads solely to potential customers who live, work or are travelling through the area to generate more sales.


Both Bing Advertising and Google Ads have increased the ways in which we can target users based on the device they’re using. This means that we can make local PPC ads more targeted than ever, particularly when we use local mobile PPC.


Local PPC campaigns reduce the chance of you wasting money by targeting users that are unlikely to ever visit Sheffield and buy products from local businesses.

Gorilla Marketing Sheffield's PPC Campaign Strategy

Each PPC campaign begins with a free audit of your business by our expert PPC agency. We do this to fully assess the requirements of your business and then design a PPC strategy that will have the most benefits for your company.


Our PPC campaign strategy for your business may include:


  • A free PPC audit

  • In-depth analysis of your competitors

  • Targeting with pinpoint accuracy

  • A specifically designed success strategy for your business

  • Simple pricing and a straightforward ad spend plan

  • Multiple PPC campaigns focused on display, retargeting, social media platforms and much more

  • Maximising conversion rates

  • Business-centred reporting

  • The utilisation of conversion tracking software

  • Consistent advice and access to our expert PPC agency

Bespoke PPC Campaigns & Keyword Optimisation

At the start of your bespoke PPC campaign, we will conduct a detailed analysis of the performance of your keywords.


When we identify keywords and ad groups that are not performing well, we will remove ad spend from them and direct it to other keywords and ad groups that are performing to increase profitability.


This means that your overall ad budget will not have to be expanded as we will simply restructure the way in which it is distributed.


By matching keywords with landing pages and steering clear of irrelevant keywords, we can also decrease your cost-per-click and your quality score at this early stage of the PPC campaign.

Conversions Not Just Clicks

When a potential customer uses a search engine to find products or services that are relevant to your business, it’s vital that they are seeing your ads and clicking on them.


Once the campaign is successful enough that this is being achieved, the next stage is to make sure that those users are also converting once they have clicked through to your site.


One of the key elements in accomplishing this is creating and curating landing pages that are engaging for your audience. We do this by ensuring that your landing pages feature attention-grabbing graphics, informative content and a simple call to action.


Another facet of our campaign will be to analyse how and why your competitors have been successful with Google Ads so that we can apply this to your business and further increase conversions.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is one of the most important parts of a successful PPC advertising campaign. We use the Google Display Network to display images and banner ads to boost awareness of your brand and increase relevant traffic.


These ads will be displayed on websites, social media platforms and apps using formats such as text, images, video, flash and audio.


Using display ads in the right way

Display ads are versatile and can be used as part of our overall strategy to create ads that are targeted to your specific audience.


We can use them to encourage users that have previously clicked on your ads but have not converted to re-engage with your ads and follow through with a conversion. This can be done by targeting them with ads on other domains.


We can also target existing customers with upselling to maintain your brand’s visibility amongst them and to sell products and services to them.


Optimising display ads

To get the most out of display ads, it’s important to have a strategy in place that targets users that share the same interests or are from a similar demographic. To do this, we will develop ad groups as part of your campaign.


Our strategy for your display ad campaign may involve:


  • Affinity targeting – where we will identify users that have indicated an interest in websites that are related to your business and target ads to them

  • Custom affinity targeting – we use this to refine affinity targeting based on specific data related to users’ interests, places, apps and other key information

  • Managing placements – this strategy allows us to control the places that your ads appear so that they are being shown to a relevant audience

  • Topic targeting – by picking out websites that relate to a topic relevant to your business, we can then target ads to them


Measuring a successful display ads campaign

As a PPC agency, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of transparency, and we prioritise keeping our clients informed about the progress of their campaigns.


We will also keep you informed about what steps we are taking to achieve this success and will give you access to our PPC Sheffield team for any updates you require.


These updates will include information about the success of your display ads campaign, which we will monitor using Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.


This allows us to track increases in traffic and branded search volume.


There are various performance metrics that we will measure, such as:

  • Brand awareness – this is measured by closely monitoring how many new users are visiting your site as a result of the campaign. A steady increase should be a sign that it has been successful.

    Reach and frequency metrics will also be monitored so that we can establish how often users are being exposed to your ads.

  • Engagement – we use this metric to track how often your ads are being clicked on or expanded. We can then determine how many of the clicks are resulting in users landing on your website.

  • Direct response – through this, we monitor the number of conversions that are happening after users have been exposed to your ads but have converted through other channels.

    Direct response is also used to track how many conversions happen through other channels after a user has actually clicked on your ads.

Effective Retargeting In A PPC Campaign

By monitoring the types of interactions that users have with your site, we can retarget them with specific ads.


We can also use cookies data from other domains to track their interactions with sites that are relevant to your business and then use this information to retarget these users with ads as well.


The two categories of retargeting that we use are:


  • On-site retargeting – this is where we will retarget previous visitors to your site who have interacted with it on some level. As they’ve already demonstrated an interest in your business, we can use ads for certain services or products to re-engage them with the site.



These ads may revolve around a specific product or target the route through which they initially arrived on your site.


  • Off-site retargeting – this involves targeting ads to users who have had no previous visits to or interactions with your website but are similar to your existing customers.



This type of retargeting will usually include analysing their searches and targeting ads to relevant apps, sites and social media platforms.

Retargeting Strategies In A PPC Campaign

Our retargeting strategies in digital marketing involve formulating groups and lists of users based on how they interact with your site and other online businesses. We then target ads to these groups to encourage them to engage with your site.


Examples of the groups we could create as part of your PPC advertising campaign include:


  • Casual site visitors – these are visitors to your site who did not add anything to their shopping carts or interact with any of your products and services.


A PPC marketing campaign targeted to these users would be relatively broad as they tend to have the least potential for conversions. However, an ad campaign of this type can be used to promote the reliability and reputation of your brand.


  • Current customers – retargeting campaigns focused on your existing customers can be used to upsell and cross-sell products and services by making them aware of upgrades and newer versions. It can also be used to keep your brand fresh in their minds.

  • Visitors who didn’t check out – these are users who visited your site and added to their carts but failed to check out. As they are already interested in your business, we can successfully target ads to them to re-engage them with your site.

  • Free download and trial users – retargeting these customers would encourage them to upgrade their free trials or downloads to the paid versions.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook & Instagram

Over the past few years, social media platforms have become an increasingly important resource for all types of digital marketing, including PPC.


With a global reach of 1.62 billion users, Facebook has enormous potential for engaging with customers and boosting the visibility of your brand.


Our Facebook Ads Management team are experts in building advertising strategies for both Facebook and Instagram that target users of these platforms.


Using data about their interactions on the sites, we can identify the users that are most likely to engage with your ads and focus on targeting them.


As we can with a search engine, we can also use location data from Facebook and Instagram to find users that are looking for services and products in Sheffield and then drive relevant traffic to the websites of local businesses.


All the ads we use for social media platforms are frequently A/B split tested to drive constant improvement and refinement. We will also test different forms of imagery, text, interests, offers, headlines, areas and activities to see which work best for your audience.



Another platform that is a cornerstone of a successful paid search campaign is LinkedIn. The size of its user base makes it a valuable resource for digital marketing, and effective LinkedIn ads are an excellent way to reach your target audience.


LinkedIn’s sheer size and the diverse interests of its users mean that it can be difficult for businesses to manage advertising campaigns on the platform effectively. Although LinkedIn does have its own targeted advertising in place, it’s still a time-consuming process to reach users.


Our PPC agency has a dedicated LinkedIn Advertisement Management service that will optimise your LinkedIn ads campaign to achieve the most reach and engagement possible.


To make sure that you’re not spending money trying to reach users that are unlikely to be interested in your business, we will monitor your ads’ response rates and optimise your conversion funnels.


This should lead to increased traffic, conversions and steady business growth.

Google Shopping Ads

Our PPC agency can also run successful campaigns for e-commerce businesses by using Google Shopping Ads.


These ads can be very beneficial as you only pay when a user clicks on one of them. This makes it one of the most economical forms of paid search digital marketing and should lead to an increase in your returns.


Our strategy for eCommerce businesses involves creating Google Shopping Ads that are alluring to the target audience and feature an image of the product, the price and other key information such as current offers.


This means that the user will already have plenty of information about the product by the time they land on your website, making them more likely to convert.

Do PPC campaigns take a long time to work?

When compared to other forms of digital marketing, one of the main benefits of PPC is that the results are almost instant.


Unlike search engine optimisation, PPC doesn’t take time to build up organic traffic, and your business will start to reap the benefits of a successful campaign soon after it begins.

What is a clickthrough rate?

A clickthrough rate (CTR) is simply the number of times an ad is clicked on divided by the number of times it is being shown to users. This is a useful data point for our PPC agency in Sheffield during a campaign as it allows us to assess how well your keywords, ads and free listings are performing.

Is PPC worth it?

Our PPC agency will begin your PPC campaign with a free audit to determine whether the campaign will increase your returns and be worth it for your business.


One of the key aims of our campaigns is to eradicate wasted ad spending on areas that are not profitable and to direct your budget to areas that are performing. This will save you money over time and should lead to an increase in sales and returns.

What's the difference between PPC and SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a form of digital marketing that looks to optimise your website and search results to earn organic traffic to your site over time.


PPC is a digital marketing strategy that pays for engagement with your ads and traffic to your site and is the best choice for businesses that need to increase revenue in a short space of time. This can be especially important for new businesses.