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Who We Are

Welcome to Gorilla Marketing, an award-winning web design agency based in Manchester. Our creative team are specialists in WordPress design & development and love bringing our clients visions to life.  We’re always free for a chat on the phone and/or a brew at our Manchester offices – swing on over and let us know what project you have in mind!

Ecommerce Design

We build beautiful e-commerce websites that are designed to convert traffic into sales

Ecommerce Design

We build beautiful e-commerce websites that are designed to convert traffic into sales

Business Site Design

Optimised websites for local businesses and large businesses alike

Business Site Design

Optimised websites for local businesses and large businesses alike

The Manchester Web Design Process:

Identify Your Goals

The first part of our process, especially when it comes to working with new clients, involves inviting them to our offices in Manchester to speak to them directly about what they want from their website. This first step is, perhaps, one of the most critical factors in the web design process, as by speaking directly to the client and genuinely listening to their ambitions and goals, we can identify and clarify the intended purpose of their website.

Many web development agencies are focused primarily on turning over websites for clients as quickly as possible, rather than producing sites specifically designed with the customer vision and goals in mind. That vision, or purpose, can be anything from attracting new visitors to your website and increasing conversions, to just keeping your audience well informed on global issues you find important.

At Gorilla Marketing, we know that developing an effective online strategy, focused on reaching our clients' goals, should always be the first step in the web design process. In essence, this is what separates us from other Manchester Based Web Design Services and why our clients are always more than satisfied with the websites we produce.

Accordingly, that is why we recommend making sure you have a clear vision of what you want your website to achieve before you continue the web design process.

Define the Project Scope

Once the website’s primary goals are outlined, you can begin to define the scope of the project. By setting the scope of the project, you are addressing what you need to do to achieve the goals you’ve identified and assigned to your website. For example, this could involve detailing which pages your website would need to have, the particular features they would need to include and any stylistic choices you believe are necessary for the website to be successful.

If you fail to define the scope of the project accurately, you can quite quickly become a victim of something known as ‘Scope Creep.’ Scope Creep can be most simply understood as the result of not having clearly defined goals for your website and is best imagined as starting a project with an unclear objective that mutates throughout the design process.

Scope Creep is one of the primary reasons we at Gorilla Marketing put so much onus on accurately identifying our client’s goals from the outset of the project. We are devoted to helping our clients focus on what they specifically want the scope of their project to be. Helping to provide this clarity is what makes Gorilla Marketing one of the most highly recommended Manchester based Web Design Services.

Site Architecture

Once your goals are clearly identified, and the scope of the project adequately defined, we can begin to consider how the website will effectively function. At Gorilla Marketing, we like to ensure that our clients are directly involved in this process. We feel that the best way of guaranteeing a positive outcome for our clients is to present them with several wireframe designs of the website as to see which they prefer and then work with their feedback.

With a wireframe now in place to build upon, you can begin to consider how your users will navigate your website. Navigation is an integral part of the user experience of your site, so it’s essential to make sure that you’ve given significant consideration to how your audience will travel between your webpages. It’s paramount you ensure that their experience of your website is one they want to repeat. The best way of doing this is to create a sitemap.

Content Creation and Visual Elements

As the site architecture is now in place, you should have a good idea about what your website’s pages are going to contain and how they’re going to look. It’s essential to keep in mind Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) when creating content to fill these pages.

As one of the leading SEO and Web Development agencies in the north-west, we have plenty of experience to draw from when it comes to creating engaging and ranking content. Working with SEO in mind will help your website rank higher on Google, but it will also, importantly, help to keep the content of each of your pages focused upon a single topic. This focused content production is integral to creating a fantastic user experience and should not be overlooked during the web design process.

Additionally, when creating an engaging experience for your website’s users, visual elements play an essential role in whether or not a website will be successful or not.

Testing your Website

With your website’s architecture in place and your webpages filled with authentic and original content, it’s time you make sure that your site works as you’ve intended it. We’d recommend initially testing the website on a multitude of devices to make sure it’s displaying the content in a way you’re happy with. Although you’ve likely built your site on a computer, mobile users will make up a large percentage of your users, so it’s essential you consider their user experience as well.

At Gorilla Marketing, we recommend using an automated site-crawler once you have manually checked the website yourself. Site-crawlers are useful for alerting you to any broken links you may have on your website. They also produce other helpful information such as loading speeds and site responsiveness – all critical considerations when it comes to whether or not users will enjoy using your website.


Once you’re sure that your website is working correctly, and you are happy with the user experience, it’s time for the final part of the web development process – the launch! For this to be successful, it unsurprisingly requires a little more than flicking a metaphorical ‘on’ switch.

We believe it’s important to have a launch strategy in place to maximise the website’s exposure. This strategy would typically include synchronising the websites launch time with an effective communication campaign. This communication campaign should effectively let people know your new exciting website is about to go online, and that they’d be foolish to miss the experience.

FAQ's About Manchester Web Design

What Is a Content Management System?

A CMS, or content management system, is a web application that manages your website for you in a way which requires you to have little or no knowledge of code to manage it or make any changes. The most popular (and in our opinion best) content management system is WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Unlike their online service, WordPress is installed on a private web server that is normally held by a hosting company, with the contents accessed through your chosen domain name. As of February 2017, it was estimated that WordPress was installed on more than 60 million websites and made up 27.5% of the top 10 million websites in the world.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

Depending on your exact website needs such as artwork and content, the web design can take anywhere from a week to a month. For local business websites, like the ones we offer for free to our SEO clients – the turn around time is normally 3 weeks from concept to completion.

Do I Need to Use Your Hosting Service?

If you are looking at Gorilla Marketing to handle your web design needs you are more than welcome to use either our hosting for free – or you can source your own hosting provider if you would like to keep the two services independent of one another. Read our web design guide on how to set up your own hosting.

Can You Build E-Commerce Websites with WordPress?

Yes! We’re able to build highly customisable and conversion-focused websites using WordPress with either the WooCommerce or Shopify backend! Our approach to e-commerce web design is focused around the user experience and conversions, our aim for you stand out above your competitors as the go-to online store in your niche.