Explore Tameside: A Guide to Greater Manchester’s Hidden Gem

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Tameside, located in Greater Manchester is a place of history and culture. From its beginnings as an industrial powerhouse to today’s modern economy with strong educational opportunities, Tameside has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to explore the area’s past or take advantage of all that it offers now, there are plenty of things to discover here in Tameside! Let us delve into the rich history, geography, economy and culture this vibrant city has to offer – plus learn more about education in Tameside too!


History of Tameside

Pre-Industrial Revolution: Tameside has a long and storied history that dates back to the pre-industrial revolution er During this time, it was a rural area with small villages scattered throughout the landscape. The main industries were farming and textiles, which were largely powered by water mills along the rivers in the are

  1. Industrial Revolution and Beyond: With the onset of industrialization in Britain during the 19th century, Tameside underwent a dramatic transformation as factories began popping up all over town. It quickly became an industrial powerhouse as coal mining, steel production, engineering works and other manufacturing activities flourished in the region. This period also saw significant population growth due to increased job opportunities for workers from outside of Tameside who flocked to take advantage of these new employment prospects.

Today, Tameside is known for its vibrant arts scene, numerous sports teams and venues, local festivals and events such as the ‘Taste Of Tameside’ food festival held annually at Dukinfield Town Hall Park each summer. This makes it a great place for both visitors and locals alike.


Geography of Tameside

Location and Climate: Tameside is located in Greater Manchester, Northwest England near the Pennines mountain range. It has a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters while rainfall is generally moderate throughout the year. Average temperatures range from 5°C (41°F) to 18°C (64°F).

  1. Landscape and Topography: The landscape of Tameside consists of rolling hills, moorland, woodland areas, rivers and reservoirs as well as urbanised areas. The highest point in the borough is at Black Hill which stands at 442 metres above sea level while its lowest point lies along the River Mersey where it meets Cheshire Plain at around 20 metres above sea level.

Additionally, there are several reservoirs located within Tameside such as Bottoms Reservoir near Denton or Yeoman Hey Reservoir near Stalybridge. Both of these were built during Victorian times for industrial purposes but now serve recreational activities too, like fishing or sailing on their waters.


Economy of Tameside

The economy of Tameside is largely driven by its major industries. The area has a long history of manufacturing, particularly in textiles and chemicals. It was once the home to several large cotton mills and chemical plants that provided employment for thousands of people. In recent years, many of these factories have closed down or been converted into other uses such as retail outlets or offices. Despite this, there are still some traditional manufacturing businesses operating in the area, including paper products manufacturers and engineering firms.

Employment opportunities in Tameside are also available in service-based sectors such as healthcare, education and finance. There are several hospitals located within the borough which provide medical care to local residents as well as jobs for doctors, nurses and support staff. Additionally, there are numerous schools throughout the region offering teaching positions to qualified educators at all levels from primary through secondary school level up to higher education institutions like Manchester Metropolitan University’s campus located nearby in Ashton-under-Lyne .

Such measures have created an environment that is conducive to the success of small businesses, while larger corporations can benefit from access to a skilled workforce with competitive wages. This has been instrumental in attracting new business investment into Tameside and promoting economic development initiatives within the are


Culture of Tameside

Tameside is a vibrant area of Greater Manchester, and its culture reflects the diversity of the people who live there. The arts and entertainment scene in Tameside is alive with music, theatre, comedy, film and visual art. There are many venues to explore such as the Forum Theatre in Ashton-under-Lyne or Hyde Little Theatre for a night out with friends or family. There are also several independent cinemas which show films from around the world.

Sports teams and venues in Tameside offer something for everyone – whether you’re looking to watch professional football at Mossley AFC’s Seel Park Stadium or take part in recreational activities like bowling at Curzon Ashton FC’s Tameside Stadium. For those who prefer outdoor pursuits, there are plenty of parks to enjoy including Denton Hall Park where you can go walking or cycling along scenic trails.

Other popular events include Market Street Festival featuring street performers, food stalls and live music; Dukinfield Town Fair showcasing local businesses; Droylsden Summer Fayre bringing together families for an afternoon of fun. Stalybridge Carnival celebrates local history through music and dance, while Mottram Show offers traditional funfair rides alongside agricultural displays.


Education in Tameside

Education in Tameside is an important part of the local economy and culture. Primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education institutions are all available to students in the are

Primary Schools: There are a number of primary schools located throughout Tameside that provide quality education for children aged 4-11 years old. These include St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Ashton-on-Mersey School, and Stamford Park Junior School among others. All these primary schools offer a range of activities such as sports clubs, music lessons, drama classes and more to ensure their pupils have a well-rounded educational experience.

Secondary Schools: Secondary school education is also provided by several establishments across Tameside including Audenshaw School & Sixth Form Centre, Denton Community College and Astley Sports College amongst others. Each school offers different specialisms such as science or art but all share the same goal – to provide excellent teaching standards so that students can reach their full potential when they leave at age 16+.

For those looking for further study opportunities, Tameside has plenty of options available. The University Campus Oldham provides undergraduate courses while Manchester Metropolitan University has two campuses based in nearby Ashton-under-Lyne which offer both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications up to PhD level if desired. Additionally, Stockport College offers vocational training courses from Level 1 through to Higher National Diplomas (HND).


FAQs in Relation to Tameside

Is Tameside a deprived area?

Yes, Tameside is considered a deprived are According to the UK Government’s Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), it ranks as one of the most deprived areas in England. The IMD measures relative levels of deprivation across multiple indicators such as income, employment, health and education. In 2022, Tameside was ranked within the top 10% most deprived local authorities in England. This means that people living in this area face higher levels of poverty and inequality than other parts of the country.


Is Tameside a good place to live?

Tameside is a great place to live. It has a diverse range of attractions, amenities and activities that make it an ideal location for those looking for somewhere to call home. The area boasts excellent transport links, with Manchester City Centre only 20 minutes away by train or car. There are plenty of green spaces, parks and nature reserves in the area as well as many cultural events throughout the year. Tameside also offers good educational opportunities with both primary and secondary schools nearby. Overall, Tameside is an attractive option for people who want to enjoy all the benefits of living near a major city without having to pay high prices or suffer from overcrowding.


What is Tameside known for?

Tameside is a borough in Greater Manchester, England. It is known for its industrial heritage and being the birthplace of many famous people including The Smiths frontman Morrissey, actor Sir Ian McKellen and comedian Peter Kay. It also has a long history of manufacturing industries such as textiles, engineering and chemicals. In recent years it has become an attractive destination for businesses due to its proximity to Manchester city centre and excellent transport links with easy access to other major cities in the Northwest. Tameside is home to several cultural attractions such as Hat Works Museum of Hatting, Portland Basin Museum and Stalybridge Country Park which attract visitors from all over the country. It is also a popular destination for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and horse riding.


What are the 9 towns of Tameside?

The 9 towns of Tameside are Ashton-under-Lyne, Audenshaw, Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Hyde, Mossley, Stalybridge and Longdendale. All these towns are located in the Metropolitan Borough of Tameside in Greater Manchester. The area is known for its history and heritage as well as its diverse range of attractions such as parks and galleries. It also has a strong industrial past with many former mills still standing today. With so much to offer visitors from across the UK and beyond can explore this unique part of England when they visit Tameside.



Tameside is a borough in Greater Manchester, England that has a rich history, diverse geography, thriving economy and vibrant culture. It’s home to many educational institutions and offers plenty of opportunities for business owners or marketing professionals to get involved with the local community. With its strong sense of identity and proud heritage, Tameside is an ideal place to live and work. Whether you’re looking for a new career opportunity or just want to explore the area’s unique offerings, there’s something here for everyone in Tameside!

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